Friday, November 18, 2011

KY Intimacy Experiment Week Seven- Sometimes a Fantasy

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If you are a prude you will struggle with this week- just warning you. Our day exercise consisted of thinking back to your most erotically memorable experience(s). I love how the book differentiated between erotically memorable versus sexually memorable because sometimes a fantasy has nothing to do with the sex per say, but more everything leading up to or sometimes afterwards. And then share this with your partner. I have to confess that I really don't have fantasies. I feel like I'm pretty vocal about what I want or don't want, so I can't say I have ever really had a fantasy. Instead I described things I've visualized as a result of a book which Matt thought was hysterical and said maybe he should read more.

Also being honest, I was kind of scared to hear what Matt would share because Matt is kind of a freak. And sometimes his freakness scares me because it's so far out of what I would consider "normal" so I often have to have time to digest what we talked about. Which was the case with this exercise.

We also ended up sharing about experiences that we thought or hoped would be different and just weren't or how we've changed even since being married. I would say that we have both changed sexually since being married and talked about how it's been kind of hard to change together to keep it interesting instead of isolating.

Our evening exercise was basically trying to incorporate elements from fantasies into our sex life, whether we actually have sex or not. It was kind of awkward. Mostly because I think a lot of that is kind of silly and stupid and have a hard time getting into things like this, so I pretty much struggled. I had a hard time telling if Matt was genuinely into it or was really just as awkward but trying hard not to be. I don't know. I think we need more work here.

Next week's challenge is In Good Taste. We have to cook together and I already have high anxiety about sharing kitchen duties.
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Good luck my loves!


Beverly said...

I haven't shared my fantasies but I'm feeling pretty inspired to do so tonight. Hope he can handle it ;)

Ruth said...

I wouldn't want to share kitchen duties with my husband. He'd just be in my way.
We've shared fantasies. Not that either of us do much of that.