Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winners and Crazy.

I have to announce the winners of two book giveaways before I forget about you all completely. Sorry I'm running behind... but more on that in a bit.

Hometown Girl book winner is.... #1 Margaret!

People Tell Me Things winner is.... #2 MomTaxiJulie!

Congrats, ladies! I will contact you to get your info.

In other news... life is kind of crazy. First up was Black Friday. Bitches- I did AWESOME on Black Friday and I waited until 2am to go out. Which worked our perfectly because I hit up Kohl's, JCPenney, Younkers, Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, Old Navy, and Barnes and Noble all by 7 am. I came home, took a three hour nap, got up to get my kids ready for a movie date with my grandparents, and then I went to Target and out to lunch with Matt. After dropping him off so there would be someone here when the kids came home, I went to Walmart. I kind of rocked it. Especially when I have added up all of my receipts for Black Friday and the week leading up to it? I've only spent $271 and some change. Um, I'm pretty much done homies. DONE.

Then I am like 99% sure I am going to be the new PTO president for my daughter's school. Which is totally fine and I'm so freakishly organized that I think it'll be OK. But for the last week I have a constant to-do list running in my head of questions I need to ask, things to get done, people to contact, etc that it's kind of overwhelming. I also need to start writing it all down in the same place not on post it notes. I kind of hate post it notes for this reason... even if they do make a pretty rainbow around my desk.

I started on my Christmas cards and yikes. I just have more and more every year and I think next year? Some people are getting CUT. Can I just say that I feel like you are kind of obligated to send a card to family? I mean, if you are the person who never sends any out, ever.... then OK. You get a pass. But for me I feel like I'm guilted into sending a card to Matt's cousins and stuff every year. We never talk to them, they never talk to us, we (and I mean all of the family that lives this far north) are always kind of out casted and for the last few years? We don't get a card back. So I feel like saving myself the stamp and skipping them. Is that wrong? Would I be breaking a social etiquette rule? What do you all do for cards?

OK- so I will be back with my regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. I had something better planned for today but not going to lie- the Basketball Wives reruns have held me captive. Again. I can't get enough of crazy rich people. I just can't.


Julie H said...

Just send them an electronic Christmas card lol I only hand deliver Christmas photo cards now. I figure if I don't see you like EVER you probably aren't going to care if I send you a card lol.

AND WHOOHOOOO I'm a winner :)

middle child said...

Sounds like you really rocked Black Friday!!! Proud of you but expected nothing less.
Re: Christmas cards? If I don't hear back the second time, they are off my list. I am also thinking-like you-that there are people I send cards to that I never have contact or communication with so why am I sending card?

Ruth said...

Congrats to Margaret and Mom Taxi Julie!

As far as Christmas cards go, I used to send them. I gave that up a few years ago. I'd send all these cards out and nothing back. When I started, I'd get maybe 10 back and then less and less every year. I just got sick of putting out the effort and paying for stamps/cards when no one seemed to give a crap.
It's a little depressing and I don't need it.

Yay on all the buys. I haven't even started.

Amy said...

You absolutely rocked Black Friday. I don't get out with all the crazies. Done it and learned my lesson. Christmas card sending is one of my favorites. I love to send them to anyone I can think of. I don't care if I never get one back. I'm just a "send someone a cheerful greeting" kind of girl.

Anonymous said...

Damn you ROCKED BF harder than I thought! Congrats on your stealthy shopping skills :)

And I agree with Julie- do the ecard thing with them. Save the stamp. :)

Dana said...

I'm hit or miss with Christmas cards. If I have enough time to send them out, I do. If not, oh well. I think you should send them to whomever you want. Don't feel obligated. Of all the cards I send out, I probably only receive about 1/4th of them back from those peeps and that's hit or miss too. Do what you want.

Awesome about Black Friday deals!