Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Hangover: Otherwise known as why I've been M.I.A.

Folks? This bitch is sick. Like, legit sick with the plague of death. Both kids had horrendous head colds for the last two weeks which, when passed down, turns into the plague of death. Me, Matt, my mom, my brother and I'm sure half of Superior are dying from the plague of death.

This means that my house? Is a fucking DISASTER. My fridge? Full of left overs Matt and I can't eat because the thought of food makes us want to vomit. But the down side is knowing one of us has to vag up and throw them out and handle the smell. Oh, the smell. (To be clear- there is no smell now, but you know that smell when you open a container that had no business being sealed for 4 days? Yeah, that smell.) I have to be honest- being sick and battling migraines all weekend put a major damper into my Christmas. But let's do a really quick run down:

First up, on Thursday Olivia had her "sing along" at school since they aren't allowed to have a Christmas concert. Kind of bull shit really because they sing Christmas songs, so this is just another example of how stupid people ruin tradition. ANYWAYS. She was kind of freaking adorable.
 I literally had *no* money to get her a dress or anything but when she came home to tell me all of the other girls were dressing up? I took out the last $20 in my savings to get her a dress and tights. And then I had to get some second hand shoes from my friend's daughter, which were a little too big but overall she looked cute. And I even put curlers in her hair because she wanted to have "fancy hair". Adorable.

The best part? Is that my girl even SANG in the concert. Can you pick her out? She looked at me the entire time and was so excited to see that me and Jackson were there along with my parents. Matt went to the afternoon performance so she had someone there watching her both times. Those kids were so stinking cute.
 And then at the end they had an all school series of songs and she made damn sure I could see her!
 Friday was kind of low key except for last minute running around nightmare crap as usual. Saturday we went to Matt's parent's house because they celebrate on Christmas Eve, which works out for me because my family has always celebrated Christmas Day. On the way there, we saw two of these signs:
 And you know I made Matt drive completely out of our way so I can see what the hell a live nativity is all about in the middle of nowhere. As it turns out, it's about nothing:
 A little known fact: baby Jesus is in a union apparently and neither him, his slutty mom or the rest of the crew work on the weekends. Sad.

The festivities were... OK. I have a lot I could say but I won't because deep down I'm a decent person and I refuse to put fuel on the fire. But it's basically as it always is so there is something to be said for consistency.

After getting home much later than I had hoped since I had a migraine and was already feeling shitty, we put the kids to bed so I could play Santa. Thankfully this year I was prepared and not having to wrap everything that night as well.
 Christmas morning was a whirlwind as it always is with two kids. But they were SO excited to see that Santa ate our cookies, the reindeer ate all of their carrots (even leaving a huge mess on the sidewalk), and that their stockings were filled and toys were left for them. I pretty much live for their faces when they open up surprises because it makes me realize all of the hard work over the year, all of the sacrifices we make is worth something. And I hope that in those moments they remember these times.
I will also say that I am over the moon to have such grateful kids. When I asked them the night before what they wanted from Santa both of them named one gift (Olivia wanted a karaoke machine and Jackson wanted a rocket ship- they got both) and both said, "But we'll be happy with anything!" with sincere enthusiasm. Matt and I feel like we must have done something really right somewhere along the way to have such great kids.

Matt got his ski pass along with some base layer clothing, gloves, face mask and boot socks among all of the other odds and ends. I got three CD's, the new book Clockwork Prince, an iPod hooker upper thingie for the car (I hope this one really works), a cool makeup set, a flat iron for my hair (that works!) and the Hunger Games trilogy. Basically we made out like bandits again.

I ended up making dinner as best as I could despite being sick. I think it turned out OK, but I know it could have been better. Maybe next year. But I did cook my first turkey! Admittedly, Matt got the gizzards or whatever out because I feel like I'm violating the poor thing by shoving my hand in it's vagina or head- I'm not sure what that hole used to be. But I don't feel comfortable sticking my hand in it. I did rinse it out and gagged the entire time. Matt says I'm a baby, I say I'm kind of like an animal activist.

Hands down the second best part of Christmas, right after my kids being so damn adorable and happy? Was my mom hugging me thanking me for their gift (a Wii with Super Mario- my parents were hardcore addicted back in the Super Nintendo days and I knew that I absolutely HAD to get them the Mario Wii bundle) and telling me she was proud that I actually did the turkey. (And I totally told her that I had Matt do the gross parts because even though Baby Jesus is in a union and Christmas is a Federal Holiday? I don't need that kind of bad karma around me going into 2012 what with the impending world doom coming.)

So that was it. That was Christmas. I've been sicker than shit since so I apologize for being a slacker whore around here lately. I'll step up my game.



Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Your kids are so dang cute! Hope you feel better lady.

Dana said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. Hopefully the worst is behind you and you're getting better now. I'm just starting to get sick. Boo. You're kids are adorable and of course you did something right to raise them to be appreciative!

Life Love & High Heels said...

I expect videos of Olivia rocking out ;) (btw did you take your receipt back.???) I'm glad you had a good Christmas and seeing people's faces getting excited is exactly my greatest joy too :)

Ixy said...

Aw! Great job on the dress-up - she looks great! I'm on vacation Dec 19-Jan 3 and have been sick the ENTIRE time. On one hand, this is a dreadful waste of a vacation. On the other hand, thank God I didn't have to go to work feeling like this. I feel your pain - hope you feel better soon!

Julie H said...

Olivia's dress is ADORABLE! I hope you feel better soon and are back to your sassy self! Christmas at the inlaws is always NOT!

Sandra said...

K, other than the super hangover-like feeling part, you had an awesome Christmas! And yes, your girl is totally adorable, and clearly meant for superstardom!

Carrie said...

Ok, Olivia is about the cutest thing ever.

So sorry your sick. Everyone here has been sick and I have been lucky enough not to catch it. Hopefully it stays that way! Get better soon!!!

Unknown said...

Feel better!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that your Christmas went well. And the kids? Fucking adorable. I love that one pic of Olivia waving......that made me smile.