Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's times like this where I wish I was friendly with the drug dealers in my hood.

For the past few weeks I've battled migraines. I have apparently conquered them this week (knock on wood) but I have a really shitty new problem. At first I thought I threw my shoulder out while putting a very sick little Jackson to bed last night. As the day has progressed I think I have a seriously pinched nerve right under my right shoulder blade, which sends shooting pain up into my neck and down my right arm.

Basically- I can't turn my head and using my right arm at all causes a ton of pain. Which is fun because you know, I'm right handed. I've mentioned before that my left arm is basically only decoration because it has no strength or ability to do anything I need it to. It literally just acts as an accessory to make me not look like a weirdo kids point and stare at. So all day I've struggled just doing things.. simple things like peeing... and everything that goes with it, without turning my head in any direction or using my right arm.

It's been a treat.

So I called my doctor who tells me she can't see me until next week and won't even give me a muscle relaxer so I can function. I really don't want to spend $200 on Urgent Care mainly because I don't have that. I have an appointment for a chiropractor on Thursday but not until the end of the day. I've alternated between heating pads and cold packs. I've soaked in the tub twice today and my skin is now so dry and burning I can barely stand it. I've taken all the over the counter crap I can take without over dosing. The kicker is that I know, I JUST KNOW, the drug dealer down the street probably has something I could use but because he knows I've called the cops on him when he has his drug drive thru service going in the summer, I doubt he'd be willing to help me.

So yay me.


middle child said...

First of, your doctor is a bitch. Second, I don't do chiropractors just because. It sounds like a pinched nerve but could also be something with a disc in your neck. Don't rule that out. The best I can suggest for now is Advil for inflamation. No lifting, K?

Unknown said...

That's what FRIENDS are for!

Call up a buddy who doesn't mind buyin a little somethin somethin for you, and see what happens?

Sorry for the pain.

Ruth said...

Do you have some ibuprofen? It can help with any swelling.

Life Love & High Heels said...

Ugh that's a bummer. Muscle relaxers seriously do wonders. I had some when I got whiplash. Did the trick after one pill!

Hang in there. Keep using the heating pad and pray it helps soon. You need to be better before Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Chiro! And a lot of them take insurance and it's not usually $200 bucks to feel better!

Ang said...

have one of the kids go buy something from him... he'll think he's doing them a service by getting 'em started at a young age - customers for life!

Just Plain Tired said...

Maybe you could disguise yourself and the drug dealer may be helpful?

Probably not the best idea though. ;)

Julie H said...

This would be why we always save pain killers we don't use!

Gia said...

Wear a mustache-and-eyeglasses disguise? Drug dealer will never know its you!

- Mayor Gia (www.mayorgia.blogspot.com)