Sunday, December 11, 2011

KY Intimacy Experiment Week Eight: In Good Taste

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According to my booklet, 58% of couples who often cook together are satisfied with their sex lives. Everyone knows that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.Which was lucky for Matt because by the time he met me I already had a few dinners I knew I could rely on should I be in charge of feeding us on a date night. And as I've gotten older I've experimented a bit and while I will never say I'm a great cook, I can hold my own. I can feed people and none of them will get sick or die and quite frankly- that's a pretty huge accomplishment.

Our challenge this week was to cook together without the promise of sex. Unfortunately, pretty much anyone who knows me knows I am a notoriously picky eater so while I often cook really terrific looking meals for my family... I'm not always eating it. I'll cook veggies and seriously good for you food... and then eat a bowl of cereal. The challenge of finding a dish that could maybe be love inducing or just edible for both of us was fairly difficult so we resorted to our standby of pasta. We both love pasta and you can make that with very little fighting.

Which is code for- Matt basically watched me cook but stayed in the kitchen the entire time talking to me. Which is HUGE. Why? Um, because Matt hates talking. If he could be a successful mute person I think he absolutely would do it.

The night time activity, or part two, was to have dessert "on you", and maybe bring "some flavors from the kitchen into the bedroom". Guess what, fans? I really dislike the whole food + sex aspect. First off, dirty. Dirty, dirty, dirty. Because you know you're going to make a mess on the sheets and I'm sorry- I can't go to sleep for fear I've got Cool Whip doing it's yucky warm-dairy-product smell thing in my sheets. And I don't feel like changing sheets after a good romp through them. So the food was not going to happen. (Also? I was out of whipped cream AND chocolate syrup. Which is a tragedy for other reasons.) But we did go to our cool box of goodies and use the K-Y Yours+Mine Kissable Sensations which was kind of awesome. And thank you K-Y for making a product that doesn't leave a waxy taste in your mouth, I completely appreciate that.

But a word to the wise- do NOT ever think you can get eat pasta and then feel sexy afterwards. Because you can't. You might look like this:


but you will feel more like this:


And that is just a fact. I know I probably looked good in my Black Friday Victoria Secret purchase (that I only got because I was stuck in line for 20 minutes and I stared it down and thought "Oh fuck it- I've got my VS card!"), but I felt like a beached whale. So if you are going to try this experiment or are going on a date where you think you might be having sex? Steer clear of pasta, peeps.
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Good luck!


bmunn1973 said...

I do not cook with me spouse. AND this whole food/sex thing makes me feel sick. Keep the food in the kitchen and away from your private parts! I am very satisfied with my sex life (even without the food).

bmunn1973 said...

Sharing on twitter @bmunn1973

Ruth said...

Cooking is my thing. He'll turn down the burner if I need to leave the room and things start to boil, but that is about it.
Sadly, our sex life has slowed down. Not because we like it that way. We have completely different schedules so it gets tough.