Monday, December 12, 2011

Life Update. Because I can.

I have a lot going on right now, so this post is just going to update you really quickly on what's happening in my life, what I'm up to, and maybe a hint of preview posts for this week.


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So let's talk about life a bit, shall we? I've been busy. Like, really legit busy. I haven't been out to your blogs as much and I do apologize and I will get better. I just don't know when, but I will make a real effort to get out there and see what you all are up to.

1. Olivia is doing amazing in school. She is so stinking smart and such a social butterfly it's awesome. I volunteered in her class last Friday to help make gingerbread houses and it was a blast. I got to use my cake decorating class skills to make a super kick ass house frosting so I kind of rocked it.

2. She also joined Girl Scouts which just started two weeks ago. I'm nervous and I feel like I might end up doing more than I have time for? The troop leader has never been a troop leader before and seems kind of overwhelmed so my first instinct is to swoop in and help and try not to take over. I really can't even help it- my sense of "do it myself because I'm more organized/efficient/crafty/faster/etc" is pretty strong. It annoys me to no end.

3. I am also involved in the PTO of her school which I am really excited about. Although it isn't technically official yet, as of tomorrow I am 99.9% sure I am the new PTO President. It's a big commitment but I'm really organized and I think I can do this. Not going to lie, I feel apprehensive about it, but I'm going in with a positive attitude and I hope good things happen.

4. Jackson is still in toddler class which makes Tuesdays hellacious. I usually work 8:30-12:30 on Tuesdays which means getting both kids to my mom's by 8 so I can get to work by 8:30, literally speed to my mom's after work to pick up Jackson so that I can get him to toddler class on the other end of town by 1, that goes until 2:30, then I race back to the other end of town to get to Olivia's school so we can pick her up. Then I get home, start dinner, start her on homework, grab my notes/binder/etc so I can get to a PTO meeting, or Girl Scouts, or whatever we're doing since it ALWAYS falls on a Tuesday. Then I get home to clean up, blog, work on Etsy stuff, check my email, check my mail, etc. It's horrible. Tuesdays are a really horrible day and to be honest? I can't wait for Jackson to start 4K next fall so at least it's one less thing on Tuesday. I would pull him from the toddler class all together but he loves it. He loves it a lot. If the class was on Fridays like it used to be, it'd be a thousand times less stressful.

5. Matt is working a lot. And when I say a lot, I really mean a lot. We have so many bills coming in, not just for Christmas, but because our property tax bill should be coming any day now and I am kind of dreading it. And now that it's colder our utilities are through the roof, we have no more savings, and I just feel uneasy about the finances. So Matt has been working, no joke, 70 hour weeks. It's awful but it means we can pay our bills. BUT, I also know that it means it's all me when it comes to kids and housework for awhile and that's kind of shitty.

6. But to look forward to things coming up- Matt and I think we might do a weekend mini-vacation with the kids at the end of January. Only to St.Paul or something, but we haven't done that for awhile with them and it would be fun. Stay tuned.

7. My friend Jessica is in need of prayers. I'll fill you in later on this week but if you have a spot for an extra name on your prayer list, please add her to it.

8. I had an ugly sweater party this past weekend which wasn't as awesome as I had hoped? It was still fun and I am going to try keeping it as an annual tradition, but with not as many people there as originally planned (because of illness, lack of funds, etc) it wasn't as hilarious as it could have been. I'll post pictures soon.

9. I took the kids to see Disney Live. Jackson cracks me up and I'll share about that probably tomorrow? We'll see. I do have pictures so that'll be fun to see how they turned out even.

10. I have my Christmas list almost finalized. Don't worry- Matt always waits until the last minute so I'm still OK. But I'll share that with you this week.

11. I attempted meatloaf tonight. I am a meatloaf failure but I'll share with you how it turned out. Obviously pictures are included.

12. Batman and Stumpy have unbelievable cat gas. Seriously. I had to leave the living room this evening. Pigs.

Um, there's more, but I have to stop typing because...

13. My shoulder still hurts. I had to cancel my chiro appointment because I have no more money until December 21. That's um... a long time from now in poor people land, and even then I won't have money to spend on it. So then we're looking at January 7, but that check is always low, so then we're back at January 21. Which yeah. Is more than a month away and I could be dead by then. So Advil + heating pad until then. *sigh*

But here's my question for you---- how do I turn things down without feeling like an asshole?


Unknown said...

I know it's harder because you have kids, but I had to learn the amazing power of the word "NO". We're so boned on finances at the moment, that I feel like I'm saying no a lot. But it just is the way it is. There's nothing I can really do about it, and feeling shitty just isn't in my bag.

It seems like you're stretching yourself waaaaay too thin. If i were you...
I'd focus on the PTO, leave the scouts to the other lady. I'm sure it won't be as awesome as it could be if you were in charge, but I'm sure it'll still be fun for Olivia.

If it is killing you to take Jackson to the toddler class, then I'd reevaluate the costs vs. benefits. Is he really getting enough out of it to cause you that much stress. happy mama=happy family.

watch groupon/livingsocial for chiropractic/massage deals. I have a bum shoulder too and occasionally I'll see a good deal on massages. Believe me, they really help. also if you have a massage school nearby, sometimes you can get a really good deal there.

i hope your stress level diminishes! Good luck!

Life Love & High Heels said...

Can you change your work hours on Tuesdays? It sounds like you don't have any intention of taking Jack out of his class (and I can see your point? Olivia has school, so it's fun for Jack to have school too!)So I would see if you can even just get out earlier OR if you get a break- use your break at the end of the day so you have an extra 15 mins. :) Worth a shot?

And saying no- work on saying it to small things first and build on from there. I will tell you though- it's one of the BIGGEST things I talk about with stress mgmt clients. Say no! Because what's the fear? Someone will get mad at you? eff them. Clearly they don't respect your time. Or is it things you really want to say yes to? Well, what are the benefits of saying yes? etc. But I think everyone needs to draw the line somewhere sometimes. Find your line ;)

And whew, so you agree USP (that's Ugly Sweater Party lol) wasn't quite as fun? I mean, it was a good time, but it could've been so much more had Emily been there and even Travis and Phil. I'm glad you said it wasn't as awesome as you had hoped. I kinda feel the same way. Still glad we did it though and I got to hang out with you and everyone :)

mkay- long comment. ciao :)

Ruth said...

Holy crap! I won? I never win anything. I probably need it though since I had no clue what a biffle was.
I made meatloaf tonight too. It tasted good but it fell apart when I tried to sliced it. Not, sure what happened with that.
Do you do budget billing for gas and/or electric? I do and I really like it. You know exactly what the bill will be. I have propane and it is so much nicer paying a little per month than over $600 when they come fill the tank.
And if you can't do something for or with the times because of time or money they will understand. They might be disappointed, but they will be OK. Trust me. One year our tree was just the little singing tree decoration and all gifts came from the Dollar store.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I'm trying to learn how to say no as well. I feel so stressed out lately that I have trouble sleeping. So if you find out, let me know!

Veronica M. D. said...

Okay, DO NOT help out that troop leader. You might be a million times more capable, but it will take over your ENTIRE LIFE, I promise.

Saying no is really hard ... I'm still working on it myself, but I find that I tend to give lots of explanations when I say no, BUT the best way is just a No. It always goes over better than when surrounded by tons of explanations and sorries, because it tends to sound more like an excuse that way, even if it's not.

Good luck! Also, sorry about your shoulder!!! I hope you can find a way to get to the chiro before that, because I bet that will help your headaches as well. Whenever my mom gets a migraine, she goes and get her neck adjusted, and she doesn't get one again for like a month. I wish I had her magical insurance. :(

Sara said...

Meatloaf is one thing that can be done a thousand ways. It is my favorite go, to when there is just scraps in the cabinets.

Good luck with the schedule! Busy busy busy!

Jamie said...

It's hard to say no. Just do what feels best for you and your family.

middle child said...

Just say, "I'm flattered that you asked me but I am just involved in too many things right now."

Steff said...

I'm the same way when it comes to the 'I can totally do that better than you thoughts...' and it drives me nuts because, like you, I totally overdue it! Take some time to yourself to just BREATH, woman!