Monday, December 5, 2011

The Ornament Tradition

I know it's Monday and you expect Hot Bitch Monday, but to be honest? I've done nothing over the last week. Between battling migraines, kid sickness and just life in general I have hardly eaten and I certainly haven't exercised.

Some of you were wondering if I ran in the Gobble Gallop and the answer is no. I also didn't run in the Jingle Bell run this past Saturday even though I really wanted to. There were a couple of reasons why I didn't do either but the major deciding factor was that I just didn't have the money to register. Both of them were relatively inexpensive, but we're living very frugally right now because we have had some extra bills the last couple of months and now Christmas is upon us. I could spend the money to go run or I could buy a couple of gifts. I chose to buy gifts over my fitness. How's that for selfless? But that's OK. I am thinking about really signing up for a kickboxing class beginning in January because it was under $50 a month and I could even throw in another class with it for the same price, so stay tuned.
But let's talk about my ornament tradition. I think I have mentioned it before but I know I have enough new people here that it's a worthwhile post.

So every year since Matt and I started dating (10 years ago as of January 13) we have gotten at least one ornament that reminded us of that year. Some are silly (like the rooster- everywhere we went that year we ran into rooster inspired things and it was hilarious at the time. Or the pickle that Matt says looks like a deformed penis.), to the meaningful ones (a wedding ornament, baby's first Christmas ornaments), to the fun memory ones (vacations, etc). But every year we get at least one, take a picture of it, and I have a mini scrapbook I put it in and write down why we chose the ornament(s). Over the years our tree is more and more full with these funky ornaments and this is the first year our entire tree is decorated with them instead of store bought bulbs.

This year we have added a few more on. I took pictures of everything except the ornaments the kids chose themselves- Olivia chose a Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Jackson chose Thomas the Train.
 I got this one on our trip to Chicago in August- it was our first time at Navy Pier so I had to get a Navy Pier one.
 Obviously from our Vegas trip!
 You can't see it well but it's from our Michigan trip in June.

Then I participated in an ornament exchange which I LOVE. To make it even better- I found a reality TV loving, anything sparkly/glittery, sassy chick named Carrie was my exchange buddy. Folks? I feel like I maybe met my match in awesomeness. I got her a traditional ornament but then got all bonus-y and sent her a six pack of green glitter ornaments because I think I'm in love with her? Like we could be besties. We should be. Because every time I watch trash shows such as "Basketball Wives: LA" (or my hotly anticipated new fav.. "Baseball Wives") I can't wait to email her because she always gets it.

So when my package from her came last week I almost peed myself with happiness. (Which is true because I hadn't peed recently and after two kids the ol' bladder ain't what it used to be.) So behold... the greatness that is my new ornaments:

With a card that declares her my Texas Drinking Buddy. I don't drink but I absolutely would break my own rule to clink her glass! I was so excited and Matt was all, "What the hell? Why is there a wine bottle on the tree?!" to which I ask, WHY NOT? Why have I not had this all along? WHY? I don't know why, but I'm glad Carrie fixed that. And hello- a Texas ornament with a midget riding a donkey that is taller than a cactus? The only thing better would have been something related to a goat because you know my love of goats, folks. I also love that the wine bottle is sitting next to the "Baby's First Christmas" ornament because it all seems like it was maybe related. HA! So thank you Carrie- you made my tree much more awesome and I absolutely adore my new ornaments, AND my new buddy.

So that's our ornament tradition. What tradition do you do with your family for Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate?)


Just Plain Tired said...

Those types of ornaments are the best. I've never liked the plain green, red, etc balls myself. They really don't provide any memories like the "specialty" ones do.

Carrie said...

Aw, you are so sweet...but WE ARE BESTIES!!!!

And, you really need to do more posts about how you DON'T DRINK!!! Lol.

Oh, and totally dying laughing over the midget on the donkey that was taller than the cactus.

Anonymous said...

Hello my long lost chickadee. Oh how I have missed you!!

I need to send you an email to catch up when I get a chance to breathe. Things have just been chaotic and hectic here.

I have something for you as well and will be sending it off to you very soon. I have not forgetten about you!!

PS: Great post by the way. I too love the funky Christmas ornaments and although I don't have the tradition with Joshua that you and Matt have, I do buy a new awesome ornament (or two) a year. You have even inspired me to do a blog post about it. I just happen to be heading to a super awesome secret Christmas store spot in NC with my BFF and my mother tomorrow, so I will take some snapshots and blog about it.

Talk to you soon, girlie.


Julie H said...

We used to let the kids get a hallmark ornament every year. Then we got really broke so we broke that tradition haha.

kimberrleigh said...

Ever since my sister and I realized that the whole Santa thing was a sham (Santa's handwriting was the same as my mother's...), our parents let us pick whatever ornaments out of the pretty much hundreds that we have.

However this year, we have cats that would climb the tree, knock it down and eat it if they could. So I took the glitter bulb idea and made some plastic ones to put up. My sister thought it would be a splendid idea to put red jingle ball ornaments up, for added "flair" and the cats have discovered them. We tried to put them up higher, but every time I go past the tree, like 6 are on the ground. Bastards.

Life Love & High Heels said...

We used to do the ornament exchange, but I think it's kinda fallen off track in the past few years. We do the wine thing now :) Single me thinks this is just fine. I'm sure if/when I have a family of my own, it'll be more fun to collect things that have some meaning behind it.

Love those ornaments though!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I have a "themed" tree just because I inherited a bunch of cast off ornaments from one of my moms theme trees. This idea sounds like so much more fun. I want all pickle ornaments. Do they make fried pickle ornaments? Because that would be awesome.

FinnyKnits said...

Oh Sara - the lights. The inflatables. The husband precariously perched on the ladder hanging icicle lights. The foretelling of a Santa toilet seat. You are covered in Christmas and, yet, I still love you. Enjoy the month, sister. Because when it's over, I expect all that stuff to come down. ;)

Ruth said...

We used to go pick our tree at a farm. But, the one near us closed and for that and other reasons we don't do that anymore. We get a pre-cut.
Our biggest tradition is cookies. My daughter and I get together with my sister and her daughters and make gingerbread cookies and peanut butter blossoms.
As a family we have Christmas movies to watch.