Friday, December 16, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Motorized Scooters/Hover-Round Users.

I love me some handicap people. I do. I think every building in America should be accessible to handicap people, even bars. Just because your legs don't work, doesn't mean you should have to drink alone at home. I also am a big supporter of older people and their independence. I worked for years with seniors and I know how first hand how important it is for senior citizens to be out and about and socializing with society.

With that said, I believe that the makers of Hover Round and vehicles such as theirs should be shot. And I say that with feeling. They have been deceiving people for years on how mobile you can really be with these vehicles. They have portrayed these things as substitute cars and god dammit- it needs to stop.

Just the other day I see this:
You cannot see very well in this picture, but this "road" is very steep uphill and the cars going up it are going much too fast. I had to follow this person down a service road that even in the best conditions is tight for two vehicles when people are going faster than they should. We were doing maybe 3 mph behind this person while simultaneously leaving enough room so this person didn't feel like I was grinding down behind them. I think I was the only person in our caravan of vehicles trying to get to the stop sign that was not honking and shouting things nobody's mother should here.

Which was surprising since I have notorious road rage. Perhaps it's all of the Christmas cheer and shit. Anyhoodles.

But it's not just this guy who think he's a car. Travis has told me and my friends about the one legged woman who broke down in her scooter in the middle of the night on a busy road in our town. Travis had to push her (who was not light) and her scooter for several blocks only after trying to "reset" the scooter. The reset button was obviously placed right below her nether regions, while she conveniently smelled of urine. My brother is a damn good Samaritan and he should be commended because obviously nobody else stopped to help her. After telling her that he could not physically push her any more, he decided to call the police to get some help. Who upon their arrival, made it very clear that they not only knew who she was and where she lived but that this happened all of the time because she thinks she's driving a car.

Folks- the batteries in these things are not made for that kind of usage. Period. End of story. You cannot gallivant all over town thinking you are rolling on dubs without a care in the world. I support independence but knowing our area has very inexpensive transportation options for those who are handicapped and/or senior, it drives me nuts. If my mom had a scooter and was telling me she was using it to run to Target or something, I would completely say no way. No. I would pay for her to get onto a decent van with the appropriate heat and/or air conditioning that you need in specific weather situations. And don't even get me started on the people who aren't really disabled but merely lazy. Or the ones who sit in parking lots with a battery operated boom box attached to a basket on wheels to the back of their scooters who blast polka music.

Basically- I think these commercials need to stop telling people they can ride around the Grand fucking Canyon when really it's meant to help you get around small areas like your apartment complex.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Here here I totally agree with you I have seen people riding around all over the place. I have a neighbour who is in a motorized wheel chair and he will go down to the local shops in it but he told me that when he moved here that being so close to the shops was a real appeal to him being so close to the shops. I do not understand why someone people think they can just ride all over as if they are in a car.......

Ruth said...

I don't see a lot of that around here. That is some seriously messed up shit.
Good for your brother. The smell probably would have made me sick.

Life Love & High Heels said...

I can't even fathom why anyone would think this is a good idea. OR that they're riding a car. WTH. lol. You'd think that they'd kinda calculate how much battery life they have and oh hey- if I use hills, that'll make it wear down sooner. Oh man....

And I'm glad you mentioned road rage, because I totally had a case of it ALL day today in the car. I'm usually a calm driver (even amongst raging rush hour traffic), but this morning I was not in the mood. I even flicked a guy off. But as soon as I did it, I was like- omg, what are you doing giving that guy the bird? He probably just didn't see you! oops.

Unknown said...

You're so right. They need to advertise those things for what they are actually made to do.

Denleigh said...

This post had me laughing so hard I nearly peed. The "...stop telling people they can ride around the Grand fucking Canyon..." sent me over the edge.
You are fricken hilarious Sara!