Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why you should research kid activities BEFORE you get there.

So a few Fridays ago my kids and I joined my grandparents to see a show that was only called "Disney Live!" when I had first heard about it a few months previous. Having been to Disney World a few times myself and my kids going once, I knew how awesome their shows are and that they are really worth their ticket price. Now, when I first heard about it I really think I remember it being a holiday themed thing since it's in December.

I was very wrong.

Turns out, it's a Disney Princess theme thing which I didn't figure out until the day of. Having already bought a ticket for Jackson, I knew he was coming either way and would just have to have fun. Consequently, there were maybe five other boys there? Maybe? Poor Jackson was grossly out of place but he's young enough not to really realize it. Olivia was more pissed off that I failed to tell her it was a princess thing and let her wear a princess dress up dress like every other girl in the audience.

Mom fail.

I also thought I was being super slick and clever when I brought my own popcorn knowing I didn't have money to buy drinks, popcorn, etc. Olivia's school has Popcorn Fridays for classes to raise money, and they sell them for .25 a bag. Now that I am the PTO President, I see that classes are popping like 600+ bags of popcorn and making a ton of cash. Anyways. So I send Olivia with .50 to get some popcorn for her and Jackson for the show.

Mom win.

I also brought a couple of juice boxes thinking I'm again, ridiculously smart and better than every other mom there. Unfortunately, there were no cup holders and I knew that if I had these kids holding a juice box the entire 90 minutes that most of it would squirt all over them. So I decided to buck up and purchase two juices from concessions. I also walked away spending $35 on two juices... only to be told that the cups "were totally worth it" by the lovely man taking my money. True, they are really great cups with flip top lids and just super fun... but $35? Robbery.

Mom fail.

So then the show starts and they did Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs first which I love. And Jackson totally squealed when the dwarfs came out and he kept telling me Dopey was his favorite.
 So then after that, Cinderella was the next story we saw- which is Olivia's favorite. She has loved Cinderella since she was just a tiny little thing. It was absolutely HANDS DOWN the most adorable thing to watch her sing the songs from that movie.
 After Cinderella I had asked Jackson which princess he thought was going to be next. Guess what his response was? In his tiny and cute little boy voice he squeals, "Lightning McQueen!!!" For all you non parents out there? That's the little red race car from the movie Cars and Cars 2. Um, freaking adorable. Sadly, he was wrong and the last story to be told was Beauty and the Beast and I am not ashamed that I squealed out loud and sang along to the song "Be Our Guest". Um, it's great.
 So all in all? Totally worth the money, but as other parents who went said, remember to bring your camera and your credit card.
OR, smuggle it all (or most) in your purse like a boss.


Julie H said...

We went to Disney on ice once. Freaking highway robbery how much they charge for everything. We had nosebleed seats to so we basically just watched the screens.

Josie said...

I can't wait until Isabel is old enough to enjoy stuff like this! My parents didn't see the point in spending the money for it since I had the movies, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it just as much as the kids.

Lena B, Actually said...

We are seeing this show on the weekend! Just bringing the girls though! ;)

Just Plain Tired said...

The highway robbery balances out somewhat if the kiddies had fun. But $35 for juice is definitely high.