Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another episode of why McDonald's sucks.

Today I stopped at McDonald's for my daily large fountain Coke which I have not gotten in THREE MONTHS folks, but I happen to find a shit done of nickels and stuff in my purse so I thought that perhaps today was the day to treat my body to something wonderful. So on my way to work, I stopped at the McDonald's drive through.

Only to have that asshole tell me that a large Coke now costs $2.11? Um, no sir, it most certainly does not. It's $1.06 as the day is long, don't fuck with me on my first day back at work.

Never mind the fact that after practically screaming through the speaker I decide that the guy is a moron, so I pull to the window. Only to have him INSIST that I was ordering a sausage mcmuffin. Because, "large Coke" and "Sausage McMuffin" sound so similar. Never mind the fact that a sausage mcmuffin is on the dollar menu, so no way can it cost $2.11 on its own.

But that just reminded me that I forgot to tell you about the Peppermint Mocha incident the day after Christmas!

My mom and I were going to go shopping for after Christmas deals (wrapping paper and other Christmas related things we don't truly need but it's SUCH a good deal that you find a hard time talking yourself out of it because WHO in their right mind is going to turn down a roll of wrapping paper for $1, normally priced at $7.99? Nobody, that's who.) and she said she wanted to get a medium peppermint mocha from McDonald's. So we go through drive through and get our total and it appeared to be right because we see "medium peppermint mocha" on the screen with the total. All is well.

We get to the first window and she's like, "Small hot chocolate?" Er.. "No, medium peppermint mocha?" and she tells me a new total- different from what we were told. So then she tells me they rang it up wrong, which isn't true because we SAW it on the screen. Never mind that at this point? The car ahead of us already got their food and is gone and there is nobody behind us, so it's not like it could have gotten mixed up with their double lane nightmare they've got going on (that nobody can work because nobody understand the concept of merging and taking turns). So we pay the new total, pull ahead to the next window.

Only to be PARKED. Yes, bitches- we were PARKED for a DRINK. So, being a good citizen, I proceed to park. And seconds later get pissed off that I am now parked for a drink. I'm... I'm incredulous. How dare they park me for a drink?! What kind of bull shit is this? We wait approximately three minutes until I declare that I am going in and claiming our drink.

I made it to the door before a idiot looking girl is holding our cup. I flat out asked why the hell are we parked for a drink? What, exactly, is the problem? She tells me they only have one drink machine. That's it. THAT is the hold up. Never mind that it's like... 2pm so it's not a lunch rush or anything. There aren't many cars in the lot and as I look in the windows, not many people in the lobby so it's not like they have a line of hot drinks to get out. So I said to her that it's kind of ridiculous to park a car for a drink, let alone for three minutes. I think she maybe almost peed herself?

But I was hot. The mocha? Not so much. But it only reminded me of the ice cream cone incident.

Oh yes, there is an ice cream cone incident.

I have to say, I'm partial to their twist cones. I like me some twist cone and with it being .49, I can't help myself (when I have the money to do so). But a few months ago I went through the drive through to get myself a twist cone on my way to work.

And I got parked.

For a fucking CONE.

By the time I got the cone of course, it was half melted and upside down in a cup. Why they couldn't just bring me a new one not in a cup, I'll never know. But the woman looked annoyed when I asked for a spoon.

Oh- did you think they brought me a spoon seeing how they put my ice cream upside down, half melted in a cup?

You'd be wrong.

She was actually annoyed that I had the audacity to ask for a spoon. I ended up being late to work that day over this incident.

If this doesn't speak to either the questionable hiring practices of McDonald's or the lack of intelligence in our citizens, I don't know what will. And for the record? I have worked many years at fast food places and high demand/dealing with asshole customer jobs. MANY. So I know that it can get stressful but honestly- use your brains for half a second longer and I am at least pretty sure the light bulb in your head might at least blink a little.


Carrie said...

I love you. That's all.

Gini said...

McD's can eat a dick. I haven't been to that shack in years and don't plan on it, no matter how much I loved their disgustingly delicious chicken mcnuggets.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

What I hate about McDonald's is ordering into a speaker thing and they often screw up your order which is why I prefer to go into the store but it is not always practicial.

This really made me laugh......

Sara said...

My mom ordered a Big Mac for me and when I opened the box at home I noticed it had a "special order" sticker on it. And then I noticed there was no cheese on my Big Mac. Seriously, cheese is included in the song. But it wasn't my mom's fault. The guy working asked if everything was right on the screen and she said No. It got to the point where he was asking if she wanted cheese on the Big Mac and if the order was correct. She ended up saying, "No, jeez!" Which of course sounds very similar to "No cheese." My mom told me it was a toss up whether I would get cheese or not.

So that's my lame story. Don't ask me about ordering a Coke and getting Diet Coke in its place...about the worst that can happen!

Ruth said...

You might need to start going somewhere else.

Shirley said...

When I was pregnant I went to the drive through for an apple pie. The made me pull up. I see 3 of the workers giggling and talking at the window to a car full of teenagers then I watch them hand them 6 apple pies. I waddled myself in there and came unglued on the whole place. It's was like Godzilla: Knocked Up Edition. And the franchise owner called me and gave me coupons for over $100 of free food.

Nikolett said...

You. are. awesome. I find most fast food places to be overrated but especially McDonald's. I don't do drive-in but when I go there sometimes in the morning for their new mocha coffees or whatever they always stare at me, bug-eyed, and a few times they've rushed around trying to find someone who knows how to use the machine. Or the give me the wrong size. I know they get lots of business and rush through things but ... gah, McDonadld's can definitely suck it.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I never go there if I don't have to.

Kodi ODay said...

The second I saw the title of this post I fell in love with you. Deep, true love to the point that I will be back here every day.

Nothing creepy though..


Pink-Mango's said...

I work at McDonald's and hate it. I loved your post. I'm sorry they screwed you over so many times. Usually at our McDonald's you have to wait a while. This one lady was waiting a while for a fries, and she made a big deal out of it. Then I saw my manager talking about it after she left. Geez..