Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cathy is pretty much dead. And should carpet match the curtains?

So.. Cathy is dying.

Don't know who Cathy is? Cathy is my bitch of a computer I've had for eight years. We've had some good times. Matt has repaired her and patched her up a lot, which I've appreciated. Mostly? There have been a few times (three) where he's reloaded my computer and you know- deleted my ENTIRE music library which, back in the day for you younguns', didn't have a backup like iTunes. No. It was all on your hard drive and you just hoped that when your husband said he was backing it up for you on his super duper software and other computer, that he included that.

But you hoped in vain because that asshole deleted your stuff three times.

Don't even get me started on my fonts that I spent MONTHS downloading and selecting for specific projects that he just lost.


But Cathy has turned fickle for me and I'm not happy. I've known for awhile that she's failing in her elderly age and any normal person would start evaluating their options to make a sound decision before she died completely. Except that wouldn't be me because I'm grossly unprepared to make decisions on anything. Do I go with another desktop but smaller, or do I bite the bullet and get a laptop? I don't know. I can't decide. There are so many pros/cons to both and I know that no matter what I'll hate my decision and wish I went the other way. Because I'm pretty much like that- I hate having to be the one to decide. Instead, I'd rather someone else make the decision so I am free to complain about it.

I'm sure Matt appreciates my approach to decision making as well.

So I need to decide because yesterday she just started randomly turning on and off and then making beeping noises. I think that would be the equivalent to a pace maker failing or something. Sad day for Cathy. I just hope Matt can get his shit together and back all of my stuff up before she for real coughs out on me. So in the meantime I'm using Matt's laptop with the broken "i" key. If I need to type anything with an "i" in it, I have to bang that key a lot. Imagine how long this paragraph has taken me.

In other news, we went and briefly looked at carpet last night. And holy balls, Batman- carpet is expensive! Jesus. If I hadn't already peed before we left I would have urinated on myself standing in Home Depot. Anything worth buying is like $2 a square foot. Now, I could go the cheap route and hate my decision (see above paragraphs) because the carpet won't be nice and soft, but I'll be able to eat and you know, pay my bills. But if I get the stuff that is quality, will last for a long time, and I won't feel bad making Matt sleep on when he snores too loud at night, that would be my entire tax return. I think. I'm not even for sure because I didn't have the guts to look up the price of the pad or installation. Matt even said I looked a little flush in the face.

And THEN, we have to switch all of the outlets from two prong thingies to three prong thingies and we have like 5 or 6 outlets in our living room. We basically spent $25 on new outlets, the new outlet box thingies, and covers. I felt robbed. But then when I saw that these toilet thingers that make your toilet not sound like a waterfall through the ceiling were on sale, we got one. Our upstairs toilet is SO LOUD, though Matt thinks I have a hearing problem. I think I'm fine because everyone else can hear it, so he's obviously deaf. Which sucks because if it comes down to carpet versus hearing aides, I'm going with carpet because after finding a used condom under it, that takes priority. Sorry, Matt.

Remember lambwhores, Dear Sara is tomorrow so if you have questions for me- now is your chance to email me- sarastrand9438(at)hotmail(dot)com. Make 'em good.


Jennifer Kay said...

You better get your ass to the craft room my dear...cuz you're about to shit dollars out left and right, and you're gonna love all the new carpet and cathy.

Ruth said...

Usually closer to spring, home improvement stuff goes on sale. Maybe you can save some cash by the time you tax refund gets there.
I am not good with laptops unless I have a mouse for it. My daughter has one given to her by the school and the scroll pad drives me nuts.

Julie H said...

God it so sucks to spend money on things like outlets. You don't even get any joy from them.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

We had to turn some outlets in our house from industrial size outlets (the old window air units in our house used to plug into them) to regular three prong. I had no idea how much a stupid outlet and the matching covers cost! Lowe's is a wonderful yet terrible place at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I too just recently went and looked at carpet...and WHOA, what a racket!!

We actually found laminate hardwood (like Pergo) to be cheaper to install that carpet.

It is still outrageously priced, though. Have you considered some of those carpet outlet places? Sometmes they have "remnants" that will cover two rooms!