Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear Sara: I smell like popcorn and rotten milk.

Hey bitches! It's Dear Sara Friday and this week it's going to be a mix of questions I've accumulated for the last three weeks. Not everything will get answered, but what I don't answer this week I'll finish up next.

I bet you want to know why I smell like popcorn and rotten milk, huh? Well I'll tell you Matt is not attracted to it at all so I may be onto something! But tonight we had a family PJ and movie night at my daughter's school and it was really well attended- double than what I thought it was going to be at least! So we had popcorn so though I didn't eat any, I just realized my clothes reek of it, which is fine. I also collected more milk caps to count (oh, there's a story coming on that.. just hold your britches) and I'm sure Matt is thrilled about it.

And on a side note, I think I need to get back onto my anti-anxiety medication again. I didn't have any panic attacks or anything tonight but I had a really hard time just going up to parents I didn't know. I was able to do it for awhile but as the night wore on I felt it getting more and more difficult. So yet another reason to make a doctor's appointment. Anyways. On with the show!
1. What are you listening to right now? My iTunes library is getting boring and I could use some new music. I hate to say it, but I've been really shitty with listening to new artists lately. I know, I have all the time in the world, right? Not right. But I have been listening to the Black Keys (their new album El Camino  is so many shades of wonderful), Manchester Orchestra as usual (I am rediscovering their album Simple Math and really appreciating the lyrics in it). Other bands that have been on repeat are Airborne Toxic Event, Deer Hunter, Snow Patrol (why hasn't anyone told me how great Snow Patrol was? You should be ashamed of yourselves) and I'm not a country music fan per say, but dammit. I love me some Lady Antebellum and their new album is really great.

2. Where did you get your fuckmill? I'm somewhat in the market for one, especially after catching a glimpse of my reflection in a window at work. I was standing next to my pregnant friend and I was the fat one. (not that pregnant people are fat, but you know, they gain weight.) I can't afford much right now and I don't want to spend my entire tax return. After several gym memberships in my lifetime, I feel a fuckmill purchase is the better option. Oh, you mean the one I never use anymore and is currently holding the three bags of clothes I no longer fit into that need to be donated? I actually bought this one and I know I didn't pay that much for it. I had it shipped to store for free and poor Matt had to wrestle it into the house. Seriously- don't buy one of these unless you have a bunch of people to carry it in. But it was easy to put together and it does a decent job. The only thing I would complain about is that the incline? There is no button. You have to actually lift it up on these "legs" so it's not as easy as it sounds and I've never used it.

3. As a former hiring manager at a company, appearance was a big thing with me and as it is with most hiring managers I suspect. Since you have tattoos, would you ever get one that is prominently displayed? Do you think companies are more relaxed about them now with changing times and as people in their twenties are in the workforce? Or do you still think it makes a difference and know that you'd always have to be covered up in a professional setting? I ask because I'm thinking about getting a tattoo and I'm 23, just about ready to get into the workforce. My degree is in marketing/PR, so it's somewhat a "chill" and creative setting at some places. My mom tells me it's tacky. This is a super good question because I have been thinking about getting another tattoo (I only have one) for my 30th birthday. My problem is that I have no idea where to put it since I want it in a place that is easily covered and people wouldn't see it if I wore a strapless/sleeveless dress or whatever. The one I have is on my right outer thigh, so you only see it if I wear shorts or a swimsuit. Here's my thing- I have a lot of friends with visible tattoos and while they are beautiful pieces of art... you might look ridiculous when you're 70. And wrinkly. I also think that girls... (covering my head) kind of look trashy with really visible tattoos sometimes. This isn't 100% of the time, but really- I just don't think it looks feminine. So for me, I like tattoos and what they can represent but I also think about what it'll be like when I'm older. Am I really going to want to get formal family pictures with my grand kids with this big ass thing visible? No, not so much.

4. Confess something. What do we not know about our Lambwhore Leader? I'll even go first- I'm a total fan of British Royalty. Um.. I'm not sure. I would say the majority of people who are outside of my inner circle of friends don't know that I suffer from pretty horrible anxiety and panic attacks. I'm a really outgoing person and friendly to pretty much everyone I meet but I have to mentally work myself into it. Having to call strangers on the phone makes me ill to the point where I will vomit. Put me in a crowded room with strangers and I feel on the verge of passing out. I haven't always been this way but as I get older I find that it gets worse. In order to combat this, I keep trying to put myself in really social situations in an attempt to outsmart my brain? It rarely works, but if I didn't do this I'd be a recluse. Ironically, I thrive when I'm out and about and I don't like sitting at home doing nothing.

5. Why aren't you on Twitter? A few reasons: 1. I don't like birds. I'm not a fan of birds and the fact that Twitter's mascot is a bird, I'm not a fan of Twitter. 2. I don't think anybody gives two shits about what I am doing throughout the day. I see people tweet things like, "I know, right?" and it drives me CRAZY. Mostly because I think, if you have nothing constructive to add to a conversation other than "I know, right", shut up. Just do us a favor and shut up. 3. I get all confused with the hash tags and shit. 4. Who has time to stay up on that? I don't. As of late I'm hardly on Facebook because it's just one more thing to do and I could be doing something more constructive... like micromanaging Matt on the hole in the wall living room project.

6. Does Matt ever get mad about what you blog? No. I always tell him what I'm blogging about and when he isn't busy watching stupid shows on TV he sometimes reads it. (Matt- if you're reading this, you should get off the laptop and start putting drywall up. Kisses!)

7. Would you consider yourself spastic? Um, do you mean like Turret's (is that spelled right??)? Because then I'd say no. I'm more of an undercover smart ass? I'm not that loud and boisterous person calling others out. Instead, I'm more of a laid back person who'll say things quietly to the people around me like, "Are you serious right now? I know she isn't wearing white pants with zebra granny panties because that would be Walmart runway right there". But I definitely say I wasn't a wild or crazy person. Friends- weigh in?

8. You talked about menu planning- how do you do it? I think I should do this to cut down on groceries but I don't know how to get started. Check back this weekend- I'll give you the run down on what I do. It really is easy once you get yourself a system and schedule. I used to do my grocery shopping monthly (it was amazing) but because I work part time now, we don't have that much money on payday to do that, so I do a bi-weekly menu and grocery shopping trip. I will also say I never have to run to the store in the middle of the week, so it's great.

9. Your big 3-0 is coming.. are you doing anything fun? YES! I am! I was going to wait to post more about it when I had all of the details worked out... but yes. I am going to Chicago with my friends Amy, Emily and Tammy and it's going to be great. We'll be going over St. Patrick's Day weekend (so the week after my birthday, but that's ok) because I get to see the river dyed green again! Then we'll do the pizza thing, be tourists, go shopping, maybe eat at a Triple D restaurant and just have a good time with some of my very favorite friends. I wish I could get all of my friends to come, but maybe this summer I'll do another big girls weekend somewhere fun. We'll see. But I am really excited to go to Chicago with my friends and just celebrate my really great life. But on my actual birthday I am hoping to have dinner with my family and eat cake. And maybe console my mom who said she wouldn't feel old until I was 30!

10. You went to Vegas last year (right??), are you going anywhere this year? We are really trying hard to save up to go to Florida to see my family. I think if I use my tax return and save a set amount every payday we'll be able to go. We'll have to drive because we can't afford to fly, but it'll still be fun. So... coming soon?

Phew. I need to shower because every time I type I get a whiff of rotten milk. *gag* See you tomorrow for Domestic Bitch Saturday, bitches.


Carrie said...

STFU. I knew we were destined to be besties. I have a tattoo on the outside of my right thigh. Seriously.

Carrie said...

I'm coming to your 30th b-day in Chicago. Send me the details. Don't make me stalk you.

Steff said...

I think sometimes girls with visible tattoos look trashy because they dress trashy as well. I have a half sleeve but I dress really nice and 'modestly' and I don't think I look trashy!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I do not like people with lots of tattoos and I do not like offesive tattoo but mostly I do think it is up to a person to chose what to do with their own body......

Loved the questions and answers......