Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Sara: One Hot Minute.

So the Dear Sara series was gone for a hot minute, but we're back and we're back with some... interesting questions. In no particular order:

1. What happened to the book reviews? You probably don't care, but my reading list most is made up of what you tell me I need to read. Your picks haven't been wrong yet, but have you stopped reading? Because I'm low on books. No, I haven't stopped reading. I do have book reviews to get done and some will be posted this weekend. My reading calendar kind of opened up for January so I'm trying to get through as many as I can but so far it's not been good. I have more books lined up for review, I have some giveaways happening, and more. Stay tuned.

2. Are you going to finish the KY Intimacy Experiment? YES! That too will be finished up this weekend, the giveaway drawing will happen next week and then I have a pretty cool promotional thing for you guys as well. So... stay tuned again.

3. What does your husband think of your blog? He reads it when he feels like reading but I always tell him what I'm blogging about, particularly if I am going to mention him. He has always been really supportive and is continually astounded by how great my blogger friends are.

4. Are you weirded out when random strangers email you about stuff? Do you respond to them? Yes, I respond to every email I get, especially if it is a reader. I think a lot of my readers can relate to me because we are pretty similar, so usually I strike up friendships with most of them and that's pretty cool. I get questions from readers who are going through something I've written about but don't necessarily feel comfortable putting it out there for Dear Sara, but I respond and hopefully I give them another point of view to look at? But no, I don't get weirded out.

5. I was wondering what TV shows you regularly watch and what TV shows are guilty pleasures. I personally am a TV junkie and watch a little of everything, including a lot of stuff on TLC--couponing shows, little people shows, shows with a million kids--they amaze and entertain me. So anyways...what do you watch and/or love to hate to watch? I love reality TV. I pretty much cannot stop myself from watching things like Basketball Wives, Baseball Wives, Love & Hip Hop, Mob Wives, Road Rules/Real World Challenges, Sister Wives, Hoarders, Intervention, Storage Wars, Extreme Couponing, etc. I'm kind of a mess. And I always DVR Dr. Phil because though I know most people don't like him, I do. Because I think he's kind of a common sense person and the advice he gives seems pretty fucking logical to me. I can't watch every show of his because I'm sorry, but shows about obese people just make me angry. Because I kind of don't feel bad? And anytime people are crying, switch the channel. That makes me sound terrible, but I have no time for people who just cry over life when they could make it better but instead choose to be lazy? And all of the wife shows? Every time Matt gets irritated by my lecture about proper towel folding and he complains? I put one of those shows on so he can see how good he really has it.

6. How is your 30/30 list coming? And are you really writing a book? My list is in serious trouble. The problem is that I don't think I can finish it all? I'm going to make a damn good effort to get a few more off before my dirty 30 in March, but some things might get rolled onto the 40/40 list. Yes, I am writing two books, though I don't think I'll finish either one before my birthday either. I'm trying, though!

7. I have been with my boyfriend for two years and he's mentioned getting married. It makes me nervous because even though I love him, I don't know if he is "The One". How do you know? I feel like I should just know, but then maybe not? I'm confused and worried about it because I think he's going to ask soon? Confession: I don't know when you know someone is "The One". I always believed in it until I was engaged and about 2 months from my wedding date. I remember telling Lisa, my maid of honor, that I wasn't sure I was making the right decision? Mostly because when you are dating or even engaged you could always leave. If stuff went bad, I could always just move out on my own and be done. Once you're married, and even more so when you have kids, you are kind of stuck? It's not as easy as moving your stuff out and blocking their calls. So I freaked out. Matt and I have been together ten years as of tomorrow (woot), and will be married eight in June and I will tell you know that being married is HARD. I think people give up too easily on marriage because it is very hard to compromise 24/7 every day of your life on things you don't agree on. I think there is a lot of pressure for people to get married but they don't ever talk about how difficult it is to be with someone long term. After awhile you start to get pissed off at dumb things they do, like how they take their socks off, and that just morphs into something bigger. But my advice is that if you trust the person with your life, if you love him unconditionally (and really? That means being OK with his sock removal process), and know that you could work through any problem (sickness, cheating, lying, money problems, etc) then you are OK. Because those three things together will get you through a lot. But I am a HUGE proponent to marriage counseling, even when things are good, and pre-marital financial counseling. You have to be on the same page about money because money can make or break you and I'm not even kidding.

OK. That's it for this week lambies! If you have a question for me, send me an email to: sarastrand9438(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Have a fabulous night and check back this weekend! (And someone get me a few more followers so I get off of the "666"- it's freaking me out.)


Tina said...

Signed on as a follower, hopefully getting you away from 666.

Love your blog and check it everyday!

Gini said...

Just wanted to tell you I adore you. :)

____j said...

Have you seen the advertisements for the new challenge? Battle of the Exes. SO excited!