Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a New Year.

So it's 2012. And normally I am not big on New Year resolutions, not because I don't keep them but because I have a hard time making them. So this year... let's give it a whirl.

1. In spirit of National Weigh In Day (tomorrow) I am going to weigh myself, do a Hot Bitch Monday post for you and then declare my goal to lose ten pounds off of that.

2. Write a letter to the friend who I felt treated me badly. And close that book.

3. Work harder in my Etsy shop.

4. Be more streamlined with the things I need to do. Lists are my friend and I should use them more often.

In other news, I'm watching the season premier of Mob Wives and oh my, how I've missed these crazy bitches.


Life Love & High Heels said...

Yay for goals! I don't say resolutions cuz I don't really believe in them. But I know you will rock these like you do everything else ;)

Seana said...

Oh my! I totally forgot all about the actual 'making resolutions' portion of the New Year's celebrating.

Hmm.. Now, I must at least think of three things.. (Why three? I don't know. Sounds like a good number, not too many and not too few.)

I like yours though, they sound doable. I should adopt the 'writing a letter to someone who wronged' one. But I know I won't follow through, though I should!

Ruth said...

I don't know the last time I made a New Year's resolution.
This year on Christmas day I decided I was going to do more giving throughout the year and not make it just on that day. I used to get gifts for people for just whenever and I got away from doing much of that. I guess you could call that a resolution, but it was before the new year.
Good luck with yours!

Gini said...

Closing that book is a great resolution. I think it's so important to resolve conflicts within yourself because the bitterness just tends to infect everything else in your life, spoiling the good and amplifying the not-so-good. Yay you for not tainting the goodness!

Unknown said...

Good luck with your resolutions!

mani said...

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