Sunday, January 15, 2012

KY Intimacy Experiment: Week 9- Dangerous Liaisons

I am going to be wrapping up the KY Intimacy Experiment this week, which means that the giveaway chances are running out. If you are just tuning into this- basically Matt and I are working through the KY Intimacy Experiment and I'm blogging about it. You can check all of the previous posts and comment on each one for added chances to win your OWN experiment kit!

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Basically the summary of this week is that quite frankly.... being with the same person, in any capacity but most importantly sexually, can get boring. Maybe not boring per say, but it becomes routine. Routine isn't always terrible but too much routine can be a problem and in some cases, make a person want to look for something more exciting. Matt and I are lucky in that we haven't gotten to that point and I'd say we were fairly adventurous or at least try to switch things up if it feels like we are in a rut.

This week our daytime exercise was to find an activity that will be "fresh and exciting for both of you". Now, we're broke. Maybe we aren't completely broke, but all of the money we have coming in each month is earmarked for bills, current house projects or kid related things on the horizon, so we can't afford to do any adrenaline junkie activities that I would like to do. Instead, we have been stealing from previous weeks and trying to do more and more together.

For example- how many other couples re-wire electrical outlets together? He maybe wasn't scared but I certainly was. We've been doing our living room project with no fighting- an absolute first for us. I'm kind of proud of us, not even going to lie.

Our night activity was to try to keep the adrenaline going by using whatever you would be comfortable with- handcuffs, restraints, blindfold, etc. I'm not going to tell you what we used... but I will tell you it was a good night. I have to say that as this experiment winds down I can honestly say it's injected a little something extra not just in the bedroom, but with our relationship as a whole.

I will do week ten probably on Tuesday or Wednesday, so hurry up and enter all of the previous weeks to increase your chances of winning!

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Good luck!


bmunn1973 said...

I would definatly be marathon sex :) Sometimes you have a night with kids and it's ravage,rest, and repeat.

bmunn1973 said...

I shared on twitter...@bmunn1973

K said...

My bf is always planning activities for me that are "out of my comfort zone" Many have been adrenaline pumping experiences - water skiing, etc. I think I would like to try zip line with him. That would definitely be adrenaline pumping.

Shirley said...

I think sky diving with Chris would be fun.

Life Love & High Heels said...

oooo sexy sexy time! I'm glad to hear this has brought you guys closer. I think my parent's marriage could use this, but you know- it's my parents and um thinking about them and sex? ewwww! LOL