Thursday, January 26, 2012

Unintentionally funny, for sale, and obsession. All in that order.

I read to my kids every night. (So sometimes I can use it as punishment because it's their favorite thing and if they are REALLY bad then I tell them story time is in jeopardy. It works like a charm. Mostly.) We have a wide selection of books which is great because I don't find myself repeating the same books over and over again. Well... sometimes I do. But not as often as I imagine other parents do. Tonight Jackson's selection was called The Gym Teacher From the Black Lagoon and I totally got this one for free at the library book sale. What a score.


 Here's the book. Pretty innocent, right?
 Wrong. WRONG. Look at the gym teacher's shirt. Penn State, bitches. Do you see any girls in that picture? No. Um, so yeah. Someone should maybe question the author to see if he's secretly victim #231 or something. But the whole book is about how you shouldn't be afraid of your gym teacher. Let's see if THAT is on the shelf anymore.


I have been busy trying to get my Etsy shop into shape. I put a lot of things in the clearance section and reduced prices. I also have a few Valentine's Day things in there as well. AND... these cute new cards:
 Aren't they cute?? I have a few more projects almost done so hopefully I can add more stuff to my shop soon. You know, in my free time and all.

Every time I get sad or stressed out I like to shop. Even when I can't afford it. Last week I got the books I ordered from the Barnes & Noble bargain section (which if you don't shop in there often, you are stupid and I question our friendship). All of this cost me $24. Hardcovers, baby!
 I will full admit that the bottom three were purchased because their covers looked pretty. I'm superficial in that way, but it has never steered me wrong. I'm kind of excited to start reading these although my list of book reviews in the next three months is fairly hefty. Either way, I'm thrilled.
I also clean and organize like a freak when I'm stressed. At work yesterday I got laughed at because I had to straighten out paper. I couldn't take it anymore. The other day I organized all of the extra food in my pantry area by type, expiration date and color. Matt says he fears for my mental health. To that I say- you'll never grab the wrong pudding cups again.

Tomorrow is Dear Sara and I'll do my best to get a post out tomorrow night.. it'll be later than usual though. My daughter's school is having a family pajama and movie night that the PTO is putting on, and since I'm PTO President.. I'll be there. It'll be a fun night for people and it'll be a lot less work than the Harvest Fest in November, so I'm totally fine with it. BUT, get your questions to me for Dear Sara anyways- sarastrand9438(at)hotmail(dot)com.


Julie H said...

That's a pretty freaky book lol.

I do weird things when I'm stressed too. Like cutting all my scrap papers into squares. Starts with big ones and goes down down down to the smallest size like 1" haha. It's time consuming but it feels so relaxing to me.

Sara said...

Oh man! Children's books are pretty hilarious! I went to the library once with these two little girls I babysat and one of them picked up a book called "I love my nappy hair," and I'm like, "Uh, what about this one instead?" Luckily she didn't care. Not that there was anything wrong with the book, but I just wasn't sure what her parents would think if I let her get it.

Also, same trip, I ran into one of my friends and she showed me this book about "Daddy's drinking too much" and one about "Mommy being an alcoholic" (not real titles). I get why they are there, but for kids to pick out at the library?

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I loved that book as a kid! Now I am totally mortified by it after looking at this post. UGH!

Kodi ODay said...

Hahahahaha I cannot stop laughing about that book! I read it as a kid and I never, ever would've realized that today. So hilarious:)

And, I buy books because of the covers too. If the cover looks stupid, I think that the book must be stupid too.