Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Update on Olivia.

So many have emailed me about an update for Olivia, so I thought I would just post them on here so I don't have to email everyone every 15 minutes. Not that I don't love emailing you all, because I do, but I am kind of overwhelmed with life right now.

I have already spoken with her teacher and I am confident that things will be handled on a classroom level. I am going to continue talking with Olivia to monitoring what's really going on. Conferences come up in March so by then I'll know if things have gotten better, stayed the same, or gotten worse.

Today when I came home from a long day at work, on very little sleep, Olivia announces she peed her pants at school. Again. This is easily for fifth time this school year and I'm at a loss. I've taken the "it's OK, accidents happen" route, I've taken the "You need to try potty, even when you don't feel it" route, I've gone the "If you pee your pants- kids will tease you" route, I'm seriously at a damn loss. Originally, she told me her accidents were because she didn't want miss what was happening in class. Completely understandable, but there are plenty of scheduled bathroom times throughout their day that it shouldn't be a problem.

I'm at a loss on how to curb this now. If you have ANY ideas for me, let me know. I need some. I know that she shouldn't be disciplined for an accident but I tell you- my gut reaction is to be angry. And frustrated. I'm so frustrated over it not because this is new but because I've struggled with her bathroom accidents since she was potty training. First it was all of the poop accidents that turned out to be her holding it for so long she lost control. We all remember that, right? So this, to me, is just another phase of this. I don't understand why she has all of these issues. It's frustrating to say the least. *sigh*

In the meantime, I have a whole list of parenting books to read and I'm kind of excited to tackle this and report back to you. If nothing else, this has highlighted even more to me that there isn't enough help out there for parents with school age children. All of these parenting advocacy groups have no fucking clue and quite honestly, I feel outraged that more parents aren't speaking up about this. I understand why a focus is on infant and toddler development- it's the foundation for the child's entire life. I am just surprised with all of the issues of self esteem, bullying, etc that there aren't more resources out there for parents.


Unknown said...

i had the opposite problem of olivia when i was her age. i was so afraid i would wet myself, that i was constantly asking to go to the bathroom and then that became a problem/interruption. oy. i was a super anxious kid. like full on ulcers, i worried about everything. it was ridiculous.
which when i was a tot, my pediatrician said that a lot of my stress issues caused the bathroom issues.
good luck lady!

Julie H said...

I think when we were kids no one really thought of bullying as a problem. After columbine it's at the forefront of what's to watch out for, yet the schools don't seem to really know how to deal with it.