Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend of Awesome.

So... you maybe noticed I was pretty much MIA over the weekend, right? I know a few of you did because I got a few emails asking were the Dear Sara post was, whatever happened to Domestic Bitch Saturdays, and yeah- where have I been?

I've been out, bitches. Deal.

I do have questions that came in for Dear Sara... I'll just combine them with next week. I had all the intentions of getting a post done for that, but I was on a date with my adorable and lovely friend Emily on Friday night. A few months ago she mentioned to me that one of her favorite musicals, Avenue Q was coming to Duluth and that I absolutely have to go. The bonus is that her husband who is super talented and has better taste in clothing than I do, was going to be in it and so I should double want to go. And then when she said we'd go to dinner before hand it kind of sealed the deal. (And honestly? This could have been the worst musical ever and I would have gone because I am sick of my house with it's dust and milk cap mountain- more on that another day.)

But if you have never seen Avenue Q, I suggest you find it and go. Seriously, you have to go. It's basically Sesame Street for grown up's with really fantastic puppets. Not to mention grossly inappropriate songs you should be offended by, but dammit- it's so true and you can't help but nod your head. And wish it was on your iPod. Songs such as..


And I have to say- all of the show clips I've seen on YouTube are no where near as good as the performance I saw, so bravo to the actors and actresses on Friday. My other favorite? The Bad Idea Bears. The Bad Idea Bears need to have their own show somewhere. On TV. It could be amazing.

Anyways. It was such a great play and the highlight was seeing the grandma next to Emily laugh hysterically when the puppets started shouting things about pussies and internet porn. That right there? I wish I had on tape. It was that great. I still don't know what was funnier- puppets shouting such things or the woman laughing hysterically and clapping like a hyena for more.

So then yesterday... shit. I don't know what I even did yesterday? Good god. I know I cleaned but you don't really care about that so much I don't think. I've been trying to get some new stuff done for my Etsy shop but Michaels is out of god damn adhesive. They NEVER have adhesive. Start rant: as a craft store, if you see that you are consistently running out of adhesive and know full well that when you have everything on sale, us scrapbookers use our 40% off coupon on adhesive, wouldn't you stock the shit? WOULDN'T YOU? If you were the Duluth Michaels store, you wouldn't because you are lame and stupid. End rant.

But right now, I'm going to clean copious amounts of what I'm sure to be asbestos laden dust particles off of my furniture. Matt started ripping plaster and lath and wouldn't you know, didn't put a drop cloth down. On anything. Don't worry- you'll hear more about that soon.


Ruth said...

I've heard of that musical, but have did go see it. It sounds funny, but when the news reviews it it is hard to tell.
Did you help tear out the plaster?
I love doing that. I can't wait to do that to my kitchen and bedroom. Mostly cause I have a shitty house and tearing into it means it is going to end up nice.

Julie H said...

ugh men have no idea how to "prepare" or clean up. GL with that!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I feel like any time we do anything in our house, plaster dust gets everywhere. I don't think plaster contains asbestos, so you'll probably be okay from that standpoint, but I'm not sure what else was in your secret room.

AP said...

I DID notice you were MIA all wknd. I kinda got concerned! glad to hear you got out and enjoyed a lovely evening with Miss Emily :) Sounds like a bunch of fun!

Sucky for the dust mess though :-/ Cleaning can really suck unless you're in the mood for it- which can happen, because I got in the cleaning mood and my bathroom is sparkling!

Anonymous said...

Puppets singing about racism and being gay?

Fucken count my ass in. That shit is awesome.

Oh, and good luck with that drywall dust cleaning....because I am doing it NOW, will be doing it TOMORROW and probably even more the day after that.

I totally believe my lungs have been successfully drywalled.