Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter makes people assholes.

Every year I am astounded how people suddenly forget how to drive, are rude, and generally irresponsible. Today is was cold enough to make boogers freeze and your eyes ache- when I went to warm up my van it was -12. For those of you who don't experience this, that means 12 degrees below zero. It's kind of a horrifying experience and I don't recommend it to anyone.

I realize nobody really enjoys your boogers freezing in your nose, your ears hurting, your eyes throbbing from the cold, but come on. You don't have to be a rude asshole.

This morning I took Olivia to school which involves me loading two kids into the van, driving a few blocks, unloading two kids, walking them into the school, help her get all her winter gear off, then walk Jackson back out, load him up, go to my next spot. It's a really tedious task. When I got her at school and was walking Jackson out of the school, we almost got run over by a minivan with a mom on a cell phone. Even though we were in the crosswalk and looked both ways, she literally whipped around the corner driving way too fast and then gives me the finger. Never mind I almost peed myself and pushed Jackson out of the way.

After I got myself to calm the hell down, I get him into the van all safe, and we proceed to drive home. Then out of nowhere, a car completely runs a stop sign (I didn't have one), and I slammed on my breaks. That car barely stopped in time. I rolled down my window, she rolls her down, and I yell, "Hey! You're in a neighborhood and you just ran a stop sign!" She gives me the finger and tells me you don't have to stop at all of them.

Um, really? Because I'm pretty sure that is a universal road law?

After I dropped Jackson off at my mom's today so I could go to work, I made a quick stop at the gas station to get a soda because I had a migraine coming on and needed some caffeine. While at the gas station, there was a guy taking his time at the coolers and I just waited patiently. He looks at me and is like, "stop rushing me!" Um, whoa. I'm standing here looking at my other options buddy. Once he left, I got my Pepsi and made it to the checkout. My soda was just under $2 and I don't have cash, so I gave the woman my debit card. She rolls her eyes at me and completely huffs at me.

Really? It's not like I'm trying to pay you in pennies- I'm using a debit card, which means little work for her. She has to swipe it, that's it. But she huffs at me. So when she gives it back to me and my transaction is done, I say, "Have a good day!" super cheerful, like I do with every cashier I encounter, and she mutters, "whatever". Really? What is the point of being rude to me? What did I do that warranted that kind of rudeness?

The kicker of just my morning? While walking into work, I'm following a guy, who saw me right behind him (maybe 4 or 5 paces) and he wouldn't even hold the door open for me. Good lord. I always hold the door open if I know someone is behind me. ALWAYS. It's just being a decent person- but this guy couldn't do it. And didn't care that I had my hands full of stuff.



Anonymous said...

Honey, the cold isn't what makes them assholes because it is like 53 here and people are still dickwads.

Some people are just dicks to be dicks, you know.

And the dude not holding the door? Chivalry has been dead for a long time.


Tina said...

I'm afraid winter has nothing to do with it, people are just assholes. Common courtesy no longer common.

Ruth said...

I think more people turn into rude human beings all the time.
While taking my daughter to the hospital today, a car pulled in front of the truck. She almost caused an accident.

Ellie said...

I thought only Miami was like that -.- Sounds like an average day here, unfortunately. But hey, what goes around comes around.

middle child said...

The good thing that came out of this post was that we can both feel better knowing there is now TWO of us who hold doors for people!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I run into these kind of people all the time. I thought people in the Midwest were supposed to be so nice! I recently lost it at a Panera when a lady was being so rude to a cashier that I just HAD to say something. Usually I'm able to separate myself from the situation, but lately I have been a little more hot headed in rude people situations.

Julie H said...

Wow you got all the assholes in one morning! Sheesh.

Amy said...

There is a law that says you have to stop at all the stop signs? << That was sarcasm. Really? As far as holding the doors, My husband opens the door for everyone within seeing distance. I try to do the same and we have taught our children to do it also. My 15-year old daughter will stand and hold it for a whole family. It's the right thing to do if you get there first. We have also taught them to say "Thank you" to those that hold the door for them. Pisses me off when I hold the door and the asshole can't say "Thank you".

Gini said...

Wow. What a shitty morning! It's like a Friday masquerading as a Garfield Monday.

And I tend to agree with the others-- people are just asshats anymore. Every time I get fed up and decide to just give in to asshattedness and stop being so fucking polite, someone is REALLY courteous to me and then I feel like the hand of the universe just gave me a resounding smack. Duly humbled. Sigh.