Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Good weekends gone bad.

So.. thanks for all of the concerned emails asking where the fuck I've been for a few days. I had planned on taking the weekend off from blogging anyways because it was to be a girls weekend with Amy and to visit my friend Jess who is basically living at the Mayo Clinic indefinitely, or until she gets some new organs. But early last week we found out that Matt's grandma passed away and so we were going to be going to the funeral, scheduled for Saturday.

I won't even tell you of the the hellacious week I had last week other than the fact that it included child care planning, then scraping those plans because people can't just tell me what they want and I'm a shitty psychic, finding dress clothes for Matt because he is in denial that he no longer can fit into his suit from when he was 18, and then being pissed off that girls weekend was going to be severely dampened. I was still going to go but the funeral and subsequent traveling cut into it big time.

So Saturday morning we got up super early and got everybody dressed in their finest (sorry- I didn't take pictures, but take my word we were a fine looking family) and into the van for a three hour drive. Which went fine until fucking Maggie the craptastic GPS tried telling us to take an ATV trail to get to the church. I appreciate the fact that it probably is faster to go that route, but we're driving a mini van, not a mudding truck. This just meant that we got there literally as it was starting.

Weird thing though- they did the private internment first, and then the funeral. I have never done that before at any funeral so that was weird. Also weird? Is that they opened the casket OUTSIDE. I knew that some family wanted to say goodbye to Grandma but to be honest, I thought they would do that well before the services so they would have some privacy? No. Not at all. So when the casket was opened I had to completely whip my kids around because hello- I am not trying to have THAT conversation with them. I was doing OK until I realized Matt's dad was really emotional and then I cried.

The funeral itself was long, but actually really touching. I didn't know his Grandma well at all but I always sent cards, pictures and updates on us and the kids. Matt has some fond memories of his grandparents and their farm so I think he was actually more upset about it than he let on. It turns out his siblings weren't so fond of Grandma but you know? The more I think about it, I think that was maybe because they didn't know her much before Grandpa died. I think when you're married to a person for 55 years and become a widow- that changes you. So, as hindsight is always 20/20, I think that maybe they missed out and that's too bad because it's too late now.

After the funeral we all packed up to drive to Northfield, about 90 minutes away. We had Kate and Karl (my sis and bro in law) with us and they were staying at the same hotel Matt and the kids were. Matt had a bit of a pissy fit in the car (huge understatement) because when he's around a smoker (Karl), tired, emotionally exhausted, and hungry- he is not super awesome to be with. So he broke the GPS (awesome) and now it makes a weird ticking noise and I'm pretty sure I need a new one. Anyways. We get to the hotel and then Amy picks me up and we drive the 90 minutes to Rochester.

Obviously, I'm EXHAUSTED by the time we get there. I'm tired from the driving, I'm tired from crying, I'm so overwhelmed from my last few weeks that I seriously need to just do nothing. Which sucks for her, but god. I can't even tell you how burned out I feel. I really can't explain it.

But we ended up going to dinner which was great even though we had a shitty waitress who never did bring me my nachos. Which is fine... I don't need nachos AND a burger. Fucking MOO, right? We did some window shopping, but I did get some perfume and lotion from Victoria's Secret. And some face primer! Then we decided we were going to go see a movie and with it being so late, our options were limited. We ended up picking One For The Money because it looked funny.

Um, it's not. It is probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Katherine Heigl... I loved her in Knocked Up, but everything else is shitty. And she needs to never ever attempt a Jersey accent because it is criminal. They should have just told her to stop trying to do that. And her character is horrible. It basically makes me not want to read the books at all.


So on Sunday, Amy and I went over to St. Mary's to visit Jessica. I'm going to be honest- I miss Jessica. A lot. I feel wrong for wanting someone to die so my friend can have their organs, but I do. That makes me a terrible person, but I can't help it. We hung out with her for a little while and it felt good to see her not bed ridden or anything but god. I'm not going to lie- I didn't expect to see her look so frail. In my head it's like, obviously she isn't jumping around, but still. But I do want to go down to see her again and I hope to do that soon. I'm going to see what I can do money wise to make it happen. I feel like her spirits are going down and anything I can do to make them better I'm going to do.

After visiting Jess, Amy and I went to IKEA. I'm not going to even talk about the annoyingness of Matt telling me him and the kids are waiting in the parking lot therefore making me basically rush through the place. But I will say that I was SO excited to get Matt's lamp (to replace the one Olivia accidentally broke), some cutting boards, picture frames and tongs. For under $50. I was happy.

I was not happy to find out once I got to the parking lot that Karl? Puking. Sara fun fact: I don't do well with puke. It's not really my thing. So I instantly get pissed off because who is that fucking irresponsible to have even one beer when hello- you're basically an alcoholic? You're going to get sick. THANK GOD he did not puke in the van on the way home otherwise I absolutely would have kicked his ass out at the first exit. Not kidding. I don't put up with that kind of shit. But I did have to have the heat on full blast and sweat my ass off while smelling remnants of puke, sweat, etc. My van smells like a bar right now and no amount of Febreeze is doing it.

So that was MY weekend. That was just two days in the life, people. TWO DAYS. This week I have a bunch of stuff to do for the PTO and just trying to organize my life. I've been so much on the go I have a huge stack of stuff I need to get done. Everybody wants everything from me and then get pissed off when I can't help out or do something. Well, I'm sorry- but my life has a lot of stuff happening all at once. Deal with it.

Anyways. So tomorrow I'm going to give you a hole update. Because you know you want to know about the hole.


Chelsea said...

Oh babe, you sound so tired and so stressed. Internet {HUGS}, they don't help much though! Wish I could do more.
Also sad that One for the Money was crap- I actually LOVE the books and would think you would too- really hoped the movie would be ok. The books are meant to be light, fluffy, fast paced and almost surreal, not deep and not morally correct, so you have to go with that vibe.
Hope you've had time to breathe now :)

Life Love & High Heels said...

Yeahhhh the wknd kinda sucked shit, but honestly- we could've just ordered pizza and hung out at the hotel. lol. I felt like I had to be entertaining since I lived there for 3 years, when really I loathe that question of "what is there to do". We did miss out on exploring the clinic more though. We can go there again and make up for it ;) And we'll actually plan EVERYTHING out. Even if the plan is to do nothing. :) And then we'll do up the MOA/Ikea better too. :)

Ryan Adair said...

Hugs! If I lived where you live I'd be knocking on your door offering a helping hand! You'll find the calm in the storm!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Sending you hugs and fainting goats from Omaha. You kick ass, so just keep doing what you're doing and you'll get through it.

Julie H said...

That sounds like a really weird funeral arrangement. Funerals are so sad. I always end up bawling if I barely new the person.

You should just do google maps. Print it out, it's easier.

Scott's always a f'ing lunatic in the car so I feel your pain.