Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Phone Calls, Friends, and Winners

I have mentioned before how I have, hands down, the best blog readers ever. I've mentioned this a bunch of times and yet I am continually astounded at the connection I've made with virtual strangers who've become friends I come to rely on. So the other day I did a blog post about Olivia having a difficult time in school with some kids being raised by wolves apparently, and I had GREAT feedback. Not just in the comments, but I got some really fantastic emails about what you've dealt with, advice for me, things I should read, and most of all- kind words for Olivia.

Yesterday we got a ton of super fun boxes in the mail which were unexpected and always a cool treat to come home to. Two of them came from Shirley, whom I adore and wish so badly that we lived closer together because we'd be tight bitches. I'm sure of it. Shirley sent my kids the BEST things, completely out of the blue, and a total random act of kindness. Olivia got this huge book which she almost peed herself about because it's like a teacher's book (and she wants to be a teacher, and we all have to play students so she can be the teacher) and she has wanted a huge book FOREVER. Seriously, forever. But the book is called Chrysanthemum and it's about a girl with an odd name that suits her perfectly.... but all of the kids tease her. So she starts to dread school and no matter what she does, she can't get the kids to like her. In the end the coolest teacher ever has a funky name and tells the class how cool Chrysanthemum's name was and so everyone liked her again. Such a great story and Olivia and I had a great conversation about it afterwards. And we've read it easily twenty times in two days. Try saying "chrysanthemum" repeatedly- it's hard.

And then just because she sent something for Olivia, Shirley sent Jackson a Thomas the Train matching game. Which he was so excited about because he hates playing the princess one and I'm too cheap to buy two of the same game. So we've been having a great time with that too. Because Shirley is amazing and I love her so. SO, the kids made you a picture Shirley- watch your mail soon. THANK YOU for being such an awesome person and caring about my kids.
 So while the kids were off playing, I opened up my package from my super awesome friend Amy. Now, she told me she was mailing me something and I kept forgetting about it, so this totally surprised me. Amy is my go-to person about anything beauty or clothing related. I'm stupid in these areas and I have to have Amy tell me what's what because she's so much more knowledgeable about it than I ever will be. And she's had to hear me bitch about being too cheap, but desperately needing, a pedicure... so she gets me a pedicure set. AND ear warmers. Because we searched high and low when she was here last for ear warmers that weren't ghetto fabulous and dorky. Couldn't find them. But not only did I get non ghetto ones, they have HEADPHONES in them. That's right- headphones. Fucking amazing. I had no idea that such a thing existed. Amy- you rock. (Two weeks till girls weekend!)
 Then probably the cutest thing EVER happened yesterday. Olivia got her first phone call at home. Ever. It was kind of awkward but completely amazing and adorable. It came from her friend Paige who I hear about all of the time. Paige is apparently the coolest kid that has ever entered her world because she wants to be Paige I think. I think they coordinate outfits? Because Olivia tells me every morning what she HAS to wear and sure enough- there's Paige with something similar. Tutu's on the same day, same hair on some days, they have a couple of the same shirts so that's coordinated. And the teacher tells me they play teacher during choice time (since the class has two teachers it works out perfectly) and they are always together. SO, in an effort to help Olivia at school I thought if I start getting her together with kids outside of class that maybe that will help- so I sent Olivia to school with all of our contact information so Paige could give it to her mom.

Enter, phone call:
 At first she was nervous.
 And she tried DAMN HARD not to smile when I was taking her picture. Because you know I had to get such a monumental moment in a girl's life on camera. It lasted maybe 30 seconds and consisted of an awkward hello and a bunch of silence, but the point is- she received a phone call and she was thrilled. So Paige's mom and I spoke for awhile and we've got a play date set up for Monday.

AND, I signed Olivia up for dance class. She has been coming home begging to do a dance class which, *surprise*, Paige is in. I got the information from Paige's mom and for $30 a month, I can swing that. I'll just find the money. But I think this will be good for her in addition to her Girl Scouts. (Oh, by the way- my girl is selling Girl Scout cookies... email me your orders and I'll ship them to you for a $5 shipping fee. She thinks she can sell 100 boxes, I think I have my work cut out for me.)

OK, so before I go, let's do the winners for the Reader Rally Mega Giveaway that was happening.. a few weeks ago. I don't know who the big winner on that blog was, but the two book winners from my blog are: (thank you,

#6 Eileen Ward

#14 Shadow Kohler

I will email you both to get your mailing information, but YAY for being winners. And even if you are a loser in this case... you're still a winner to me. (aw... after school special moment right there).


Life Love & High Heels said...

You know my fat ass wants at least 3 boxes of Samoas. lol How much per box???

I am SO excited about our girl's wknd!!! I think we'll have a wonderful time :) And yay for the MOA excursion ;) And don't forget about Ikea!!!!

You are very welcome for the gift. I'm just sorry that I was so late in getting it to you! But put Mr Pumice in your shower! I keep mine in my shower and use it usually every other day. It's what they use in the nail salons for professional pedicures ;) Keeps my feet soft. Also, I've been using vaseline on my feet too and putting on socks. Wake up with soft feet that way too! And really? You like the headphones part of the ear muffs??? I was worried about that and almost returned them for a regular pair, but I figured if you wanted to do some walking or running outside when it's cooler outside, there ya go! ;)

Glad Olivia is doing better :)

Shirley said...

I'm so glad they likes them! They seem like awesome kids.

Jandy xx said...

awwww, this was the most beautiful post ive read all day, i just want to squish Olivia, she's so delicious! i'm glad things are looking brighter!

Catherine said...

Your kids are so cute! I love posts like this. They just have to restore/enhance your faith in humanity. Good luck with the cookie selling, although if it is anything like Australia, everyone loves them!

Sara said...

I was in class the other day (mind you, it's grad school) and we were reading a poem out loud and when it got to me to read a line I had the word chrysanthemum in it and I could not, for the life of me, pronounce it correctly. And I have a degree in English! Of course everyone laughed and it made it much harder to pronounce. I did get it right after we were done though.

Can you keep us posted on the cookie selling--when it ends? I may be interesting in a couple boxes! :)

Unknown said...

i love the picture of her trying to not smile. adorable. i think dance will be awesome for her. when i was her age I was such a little tender hearted push over.... UNTIL my parents signed me up for basketball and then I became uber competitive and didn't let anyone push me around. but before that, my mom was so afraid i was going to be a victim of bullying or stereotypical girl with low self esteem.

Julie H said...

Wow that book is huge! How sweet of your friends to send you stuff! Love the phone pic, how adorable is that? Next thing you know she'll be a teenager and you'll be getting emails that she's almost to her limit on her data plan...

Unknown said...

Ahhhh!! I won something! Oh and your daughter's book brought tears to my eyes. Now...I feel the need to mail you stuff!
I'd buy girl scout cookies but my fat butt would get sick from eating them. Sorry:(