Monday, February 6, 2012

You deserve better.

I know I have slacked off. It isn't because I didn't want to write or have material, because both counts are true. Oh do I have things to write about. Here's my problem: I'm friggin exhausted. I wish someone would just allow me to win the god damn lottery so I can hire professionals to do this house improvement shit. Any satisfaction that people say they get from this is false because if I paid someone I'd at least be able to bitch about the shoddy job.

Because what I am not, nor ever will be is a professional painter. And because my laziness got the best of me and I chose not to take the 20 minute total trip to get painter's tape? I have uneven lines and I am so damn exhausted I refuse to care anymore.


Let's talk about my Tuesday tomorrow. You all know how much I hate Tuesdays because everything happens on a Tuesday and every time Tuesday comes around I wish it were a real thing I could bitch slap into oblivion.

Sadly, it's not a real thing and I'd get questionable looks of concern and sadness from strangers if I had started beating up a calendar. But I'm telling you- we may get there yet.

Tomorrow my day looks like this:

7:30: Out of the house with both kids, drop off at mom's
8:30-12:30: Work.
1-2:30: Jackson has toddler class
3:15: Olivia done with school
3:15-4:30: Girl Scouts with Olivia (if you want cookies- let me know)
5:00-7:00: Jackson has 4year old Kindergarten sign up
6:00-6:45: Olivia's first dance class

I know- you're probably saying, "Sara, you have stuff double booked!" to which I say, I fucking know that whores. I KNOW. I can't miss either because they both have to get done tomorrow and yeah. Times like this I wish I could rely on Matt to not mess something up because I need his help. I could send him to dance class with Olivia but he has to decide on her costume sizing and ask questions that I need to know about. I could make him do the 4K registration, but again- I have questions I need answers for AND he'd have to not lose Jackson's birth certificate and other documents showing he is who he is.

My anxiety is a wee bit up.

Then Matt's grandma passed away and though we all knew it was coming, I secretly wished that she'd make it another week? This weekend is my girls weekend with Amy and we're going to see my sick friend Jessica in the hospital and the funeral is that day. So now I had to find a sitter for my kids for Saturday overnight, we have to leave super early on Saturday to drive four hours for a funeral and then Matt has to get me to Amy so we can do our girls thing and then somehow Matt and I need to reconnect on Sunday so you know, I can get home. It's going to be fun (the Amy and me part), stressful (trying to connect without issues), and long (the funeral) but what can you do? Matt wasn't close to his grandma and I have only seen her maybe 4 or 5 times total in the ten years we've been together but we're going because Matt is a pallbearer and to support his dad.

And THEN sometime this week (Matt thinks it'll be tomorrow... bwahahahahahahaha) we have to go to Home Depot to figure out the carpet situation. It's a hot mess and that is a whole other post for sometime this week. As is the painting (wall color pictures coming soon), the hole update, me high on fumes again, the baseboards, and then realizing we're more broke than we thought. Oh joys.


Ryan Adair said...

You can do it!

Julie H said...

Good luck! I'd send Matt to do something. Just make sure you know another parent at which ever thing he goes to so you can fix/get the right info later.

Ruth said...

You are not alone. I'm always more broke than I

Life Love & High Heels said...

Ohhh Sara..... we will have to make our Girl's Wknd extra fun. And don't worry about connecting up! Meeting up with me should really be the least of your worries, because that's the easy part! I can meet you anywhere.

And I will buy cookies!!!!!

Jenna said...

I just have to say...I just found your blog today and my Google Reader puts the 10 most recent entries as I'm starting there. This is killing me - you're hillarious! I'm laughing out loud (literally) from your bluntness, honestly, and foul mouth. I love it!! :) I can't wait to read more and "get to know you" better!!