Monday, March 5, 2012

Dirty 30.

Bitches- my birthday is on Saturday. I am turning 30. I'm going to be a super bad ass 30 year old, FYI. But every year I always get asked what I want. Matt asks me every year but to be honest, he hasn't gotten me a gift since my 20th birthday and I've been dropping obvious hints at what I would like. But dammit- I feel like being a share bear, so here is what I would like as I enter a new decade:

I am a self professed jewelry slut, but I don't really get any. And I am a pretty low maintenance chick and to be frank- I don't even care if it's real. Seriously, as long as it's pretty and sparkly, I'm good. So when I was at Kohl's I saw this ring and *love*. I saw a few others that I'd be just as happy with too, but here's an example.
Sterling Silver 2 1/2 -ct. T.W. DiamonLuxe Three-Stone Ring

I love my pink Converse shoes but I saw these... and SWOON. I'm a polka dot whore and I must have these. I also want a pair of sparkly ones and green ones. But the polka dot ones are at the top of my list.

I also really want this book. I keep putting it on my book list and then I forget about it until I'm broke and then really want it. I sometimes hug it in Barnes and Noble and I'm pretty sure that same woman who is always at the Customer Service desk thinks I'm special needs. I'm sure of it.
A Discovery of Witches

I really want a Zumba DVD. I was bummed out at that Target didn't have anything, so I think I have to shop online? I saw one on Amazon that came with a bunch of DVD's and stick thingies but it's like $85. Yikes.
Zumba Beginners DVD
I also need a new curling iron- mine is dead and gone.

I am a huge fan of Ricky Gervais and have recently found the awesomeness of An Idiot Abroad, Season 2 and I must have season one. And two. But let's start with one.

And I still don't have a copy of one of my favorite movies:
Product Details

And last, but certainly never least:

Only a cold hearted loser wouldn't want a cute baby goat.

Oh! But then I also saw one of these on Craigslist,

and I'm like HELL YES. It's an Angora Rabbit, lambwhores!! Tell me you don't want to just pick it up and squeeze it?

But honestly? I just want some birthday wishes. I always look forward to my birthday and no matter what happens I always have a good one. But I can't wait to tell you how I am going to celebrate! SQUEE! But that's coming tomorrow.



Julie H said...

I'd totally love to squeeze that bunny :)

Stacia said...

Get a baby goat!! haha. I hope you decide to get something sparkly and shiny. xoxo

SpiritPhoenix said...

Very cute bunny. I wonder how it sees stuff with all that fur. Very adorable though, I wonder if you could sheer it like a sheep? Then spin the fur into angora yarn?

I LOVE the Discovery of Witches book. The second in the series comes out in June or July. I can't wait!!!!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I want that rabbit. Also, you NEED An Idiot Abroad, not want. And finally, A Discovery of Witches has been on my Amazon wish list for months now and I still haven't read it. It looks super good.

Anonymous said...

Happy happy early birthday Sara my dahlink.

My MIL has two goats. They are cute when they are babies, but now they just look at me funny and smell bad.

Sorry I have been inactive in the blog and email of late, shit is just crazy round these parts, yo.

Miss you and hope you have a wonderful big balling birthday.


Jen said...

I have the box set of 4 Zumba dvds, I'll copy them for you for your birthday babe. Obviously, they'll be late coming all the way from Tasmania, but hey, it stretches the fun out!

Jen said...

PS Yep, a cheap-ass pressie, but then I'm even more broke than you :) It's the thought that counts, right ?

Unknown said...

I had an agora rabbit. They are pretty chill and laid back--at least mine was, but man are they a BITCH to brunsh, and brush you have to unless you like having a rabbit with some serious nasty ass dreads.
Okay HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My hubs birthday is on Friday, but he's almost a decade older than you. I told him that he's turning 'old' b/c I'm fundamentally a bad person like that.
Have an AWESOME day, year, life and get a baby goat...they are awesome. They'll sit in your lap like a dog and follow you around eating everything.