Monday, June 11, 2012

Bad luck and deck?

So I have been trying to get Matt to finish up the deck and everyone knows the best motivator is for me to stand there like a supervisor. But instead of just sitting there doing nothing I figured I would clean out the garage. Which I totally did, at least the side where all of the kid stuff is and my gardening crap. And then I found this box:

And then I got curious. I vaguely remember packing this box thinking I'd want the keepsakes for later.
And so it was like Christmas. The first thing I opened were wine glasses from the reception hall that they gave us. I don't know why I wanted to keep those? So I tossed them.
Then I found our unity candle holder things.
And the favors we had at the wedding and then the one from our rehearsal dinner. I threw those out because have you seen what happens to chocolate when it's been in a hot garage in a box for 8 years? Gross.
My headpiece thingie, our guest book and pen. I threw the pen out and I'm undecided on the guest book. The headpiece I put away because who knows. Maybe Olivia will want it.
She'd wear it every day if I let her now.
My planning Bible. All of my notes and tabs were still in there and I decided to keep it. I had all of my costs recorded and I don't know. I toted that thing around for two years, I feel connected to it.
Then our unity candles. I remember my mother in law wanted to use these for someone else's wedding and I felt like that was kind of wrong. But now... I don't really care. Should I throw these out? They aren't anything I would really display anywhere in my house. But is it bad luck to throw them out?
Batman didn't care either way. Jerk.
And Jackson just laid on the deck while I did this. And while Matt worked on the deck.
He put the finishing trim on the edge and the lattice.
It's finished!
But leave it to me to find one area that cannot be left alone. I basically raised a stink and I'm pretty sure Matt muttered not so nice things under his breath.
But the kids didn't care. They love the deck.

So while we took funny pictures,
Matt fixed the one area that was driving me nuts.

My deck is OFFICIALLY FINISHED, LAMBWHORES. Let us all rejoice in my supreme supervisory skills.


Jennifer Kay said...

Why does Jackson look like somebody else's OLDER child? Like losing all his baby face?

LOVE LOVE LOVE a deck, wish I had one to be reading a book on (when it's not ninety).

kimberrleigh said...

LOVE the deck!

And I think you should keep the guestbook and unity candle. 1, guestbook: Just think how cool it'll be for your kids to look back and see the names of people that came. It doesn't take up that much storage. I personally love seeing my parents wedding album/stuff, and it was a great memory when my Mom's mom passed away.
2, unity candle: Seriously dude, I think it's bad luck. it's probably bad luck you're even thinking of throwing it out, but who knows. You should go to one of those weird voodoo master people and ask them hahahahaha

Ang said...

YAY!!!!!!!! Let us rejoice and be glad! (I think I stole that line from a movie... or the bible?)

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

The deck turned out fantabulous. I am so jeal. And I'm jeal of your kids too. I can't remember the last time I laid out. Or looked that cute.

Ashley said...

Your cat's name is Batman?!


Gini said...

I wouldn't keep all that stuff. When are you going to use it again? Meh. Unless you're like gung-ho on displaying it or something.

Good call making Matt fix the hole-- any holes like that present an irresistible and protected living space for raccoons, opossums, or woodchucks. I suggest blocking off the small space under that bottom step, too. If it's big enough for a cat to get through, it's big enough for urban wildlife.

Julie H said...

It's gorgeous! Tell Matt great job and I'm so glad he fixed that hole, that would have drove you nuts forever.

I'd probably toss the candle. After all it's not a candle that does all the hard work.

____j said...

Your deck looks awesome! And your kids are so, so cute!