Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What the hell AM I doing this summer?

It feels like I haven't been updating you on the awesomeness that is my life and what I'm doing this summer. And I have a lot going on (so it seems) so let's get you up to speed:

1. Next weekend? I'm going to Nebraska. I'm not excited for the wedding at all that we're going to mostly because I don't even know these people AND they spelled my name wrong on the invitation. Which, can we be honest here? I feel like if you are asking people to come to your wedding, which statistically has a high rate of failure, and then you expect gifts, and you know people are shelling out gas and hotel money for this? You can at least spell my fucking name right. There is no "H" at the end of my name, hooker. I send a Christmas card every year for the last eight years (never mind I've never gotten one back, that is another rant), so there is no reason for you to misspell my name. Bride Etiquette 101. So while that will likely suck and be a waste of time, I am MOST excited to meet Shannon and Gini, fellow awesome bloggers with vaginas, and it's going to be fun. I just have to confirm what my night in laws are watching the kids and ladies? I am hoping for some shenanigans. SQUEAL.

2. Oh, and then we're going to the Omaha Zoo because everybody keeps telling me it's the shit and we're going to see. I'm pretty sure it'll be better than our zoo because only like half of our exhibits have living animals in them so you know... the kids might actually see a real kangaroo or some shit.

3. Then I'm going to do a girls weekend with Amy, which we have not done in what feels like forever. We've both been busy with life and work and just crazy crap, so we're doing it.

4. Then she's going to come up here another weekend and we're going to be Duluth tourists and maybe go up the North Shore. It should be really fun and hopefully I'll get some awesome lake pictures.

5. I really want to go to this concert in Duluth at the end of July... if only I had money. I'm going to try because hello- it's Everclear, Sugar Ray, Lit, 311, and some other band I can't remember. Hello high school. It'd be such a good time.

6. The Tennessee trip is up in the air. The plan is to go to my cousin Rhonda's wedding but because of finances and some juggling at work.. it might not happen. So maybe.

7. But Chicago Family Fun Trip in August is 75% a go. I am going to see how much money I have left after Nebraska to determine how much awesome we get into while in Chicago. But I'm hoping that we will meet up with fellow blogger Jen and her fantastically adorable family. Cross yo fingers.

8. I have a *surprise* trip planned that not even Matt knows about. I got these 2 nights/3 days trip in the Wisconsin Dells for DIRT CHEAP and I'm in the process of trying to book it.. maybe for the end of July? I don't know yet and I'm going to call there tomorrow to see what I can do for dates.

9. I have a lot of PTO prep for the next year to do. I refuse to be ass backwards next year and I am going to be as organized as possible going into the next year.

10. Did I ever mention that I'm the co-troop leader for Olivia's Girl Scout troop? Yes, you all laugh at me and say "I told you so" but it's going to be a not so awful thing. I'm teaching the Daisy group so my goal is to be ubber organized and have crafts pre-arranged all before school starts because I am a badass like that and I'm going to show up our leader.

And.. that's it? It sounds eventful but I have a feeling I'll have a lot of down time too. Which is good because I have book reviews up the ASS all summer. Seriously. Be prepared for me to fill up your must read list because a lot of these books have started coming in and are awesome.

OH!! OK. So I got this idea in my head now that I want to take my kids to all 50 states. Which, sounds lofty, but I think I can do it if I break it into smaller trips. So... leave me a comment telling me what state you live in, and if you could think of the TOP (worthwhile) touristy things to do, places to stay or eat, whatever, let me know. I'm trying to make a master list state by state and then budget trips accordingly. :)


Kattrina said...

Sounds like fun summer plans! My summer involves moving, a trip to Vegas for work, and baking a baby until the beginning of summer. Exciting, but not full of travels or anything. Of course, my summer looks just like my winter, fall, and spring since I have to spend all my days at work anyway.

I live in Maryland and work in DC. In DC the tourist attractions are pretty much self explanatory - museums, White House, Capital, Monuments, etc. In Maryland, I love the Baltimore Science Center, the Baltimore Aquarium, Fort McHenry, and other Baltimore attractions.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...


Ashley said...

Speaking of invitation etiquette...we just got an invitation to a wedding, except that it was sent to Mike's parents house, and they, his brother, and us were included on the same invite. Uhm, I have never lived there, and Mike hasn't live there in almost two years.

Lame. And now his mom is holding the information in a hostage-like situation.

____j said...

I'm sad we're not meeting you in Nebraska. We've just had too much going on & spent way too much money out of pocket on this move. & I have no idea where we'll be by next summer, but where ever we are, you guys should come visit :)

Julie H said...

Every time I go to a wedding now I cry. Not because I'm happy but because the people getting married are always way too young and all I can think about is how they should just GO HAVE FUN for God's sake. There's plenty of time to be a grown up later.

Ruth said...

The Henry Doorly Zoo is a good zoo.
Have a good trip.