Monday, August 13, 2012

A Week Without Kids.. Sabotage?

Last week our kids went to my in-laws for the entire week. Any of you who are parents know this means the following:

  • I will not be cooking. As far as I'm concerned, I could just as soon starve if we don't feel like going out because I don't want to cook, I don't want to do dishes. 
  • But of course I don't do well with being hangry, so we went out to eat a whole bunch. I ate really yummy stuff. 
  • I didn't track on MyFitnessPal but I know I stayed on track because I would eat healthy choices or eat smaller portions. Except for that time we ate at GB Schneider and I ate all of my fries and Matt's. One day of being a cow isn't going to kill me. 
  • I also said a big fuck you to exercise. Instead, I watched a lot of VH1 reality television and I feel like that was OK. 
The end result? I'm down a pound. HA! I'm down a POUND, bitches! I even went pants shopping and my 12's fit fucking fabulously, and I could almost do a 10. TEN, people. I haven't been a ten in about ten years. It's kind of epic. 

But this week I am going to get back to tracking my food with MyFitnessPal because it is helpful. I am finding the best reason it helps is because I'm essentially too lazy to enter something, so I won't eat it. And then if I have too hard of a time finding what I'm eating in their little list, I just say fuck it and go with something I can find. And guess what I had for a snack today...... 


That is right, homie oats, I ate some fruit. It was a big day. 

I don't think I'll get much exercising in this week or next, but work is balls to the wall crazy. Today alone was insane and within being there for 20 minutes I was breaking a sweat and my legs hurt from running around looking for books for students. My arms were sore when I got home and I was exhausted. So basically, I'm burning calories still. 

Where are all of you at? Someone told me I should go for a walk around my 'hood with hand weights- have any of you actually done this? Are you worried about looking like an asshole? I mean, the positives to this would be getting a better work out and also having a handy weapon should I be attacked. The negatives is what if I get all sweaty palms? I mean... gross. I don't want to end up with stinky hand weights or worse, look like a loser in my own 'hood. Real world problems, right? 


kimberrleigh said...

I spent the $1.99 or whatever ridiculous capitalist amount the Couch25k app was and I did really good at the end of last week/Saturday and ran. Today I just had pasta and baked potatoes and just want to sleep.

But aunt flo is coming this week so I'm using it as an excuse - I really don't care. She's left me so tired I can barely get off the couch. Bitch.

Anywho. I've been thinking about getting ones that are like specially designed for walking and running that have that microfiber junk or whatever? That way it like absorbs the sweat. I'm just too broke.

And I was going to track on MFP, but I'm lazy today. Monday sucks. I'm done one pound too, but I think I'm still up 4lbs from bloating. Thanks mother nature.


Shirley said...

I feel like if you're going to go walking around your hood with weights you should wear a sweat band ala Will Ferrill. But what do I know...I didn't track for shit last and my ass is still overweight.

Julie H said...

I think they have some that go on your wrists. I don't know how much they charge though. I'm getting a complex (just a tiny bit) around my neighborhood because people keep shouting weird things at me...

____j said...

I requested hand weights for my bday & totally got them. I love them. I haven't used them much yet, mostly bc I've been slacking on working out, but I can tell they're going to be awesome when I'm using them daily. Aaron got me the kind that wrap around the wrist & hook on the thumb. Comfy. Also, I have a couple of random workout dvds laying around if you want me to send you one? You know. As a big thank you for the couponing books!

Kattrina said...

My life without kids is about to end! Yikes!

I would look into wrist and ankle weights. You just velcro them on and then don't have to hold them. And they don't look as weird. They help though. When you really want to look cool you could look into a weighted vest...

I can imagine work is crazy. I just ordered my chemistry books - they are SO expensive. Crazy stuff!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I have the sane problem with the food tracking. Trying to sort out how many calories are in the recipe after I sub out leeks for onions & then don't measure how big a 'splash of cream' I used & am not entirely sure if it was a pound of chicken or maybe a pound & a half and I was short one breast so I used a thigh that I also didn't weigh... it's just all too much and all I feel I can eat is the side of roasted cauliflower because it's the only thing I can measure

Anonymous said...

You got a week kid free? Wow, I would have done absolutely NOTHING as well!
Do ideas on the walking thing. I live in the UK now and walk everywhere and I am still fat! HA!

Unknown said...

I am down to my lowest weight in something like a decade. Not bad for me...I'm just praying I don't gain it all back.
As far as the weights--they have little things you can velcro around your wrists and ankles that look like like a cross between a handcuff and a blood pressure cuff. They are weighted and voila! Your hands are free to the air :)