Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fashion, Plungers, Date, and Bubble Butt update.

You know how I love to pull a whole bunch of random ass stuff into one post because of it's efficiency? Well we're going to do that again because I'm nothing if not efficient.

First up, I can't believe I didn't give you this picture sooner, but I just found it in my Blog file so here you go.
 This was at the Hair Ball concert in early July that I went to with my friend Tammy. This chick was clearly strung out on something, but Tammy really liked her outfit. I thought it paired well with the mohawk. I'm just sad I couldn't show you what she looked like head on because it was really... special.

THEN, we had gone out to dinner at Grandma's Restaurant down in Canal Park and they had, hands down, the smallest plunger ever. Honestly, this thing came to mid-calf? If that? I mean, if you had to get it and plunge the toilet, your hands would be in the water with this thing. So gross.
 OK, so some people asked if Matt and I went on a date or did anything when our kids were gone and we did. I had refused to cook for the entire week so we ate out a lot. Then we saw TWO movies over the week so it was kind of great. But here's us in Canal Park- I had to pick up some gifts for a few of my friends but I figured we'd get a quick pic of us.
 And then Matt didn't even get jealous when I posed with my other husband, Robert. And you'll notice I got the smallest popcorn bucket- and believe me when I wanted to get more. I fucking love popcorn.
So, with the whole weight loss thing I've noticed two things: my boobs are getting bigger- I'm officially a DD now and I think that is some terrible shit, and my bubble butt is not going down.
What the fuck is up with that? But how cute are those pants, right? I completely love those pants. If it were socially acceptable, I would wear them every day. Kohl's doesn't have any other pairs in my size otherwise I would just buy more and make it OK. But why are my boobs getting bigger and my butt going nowhere? It's not like I want a pancake ass, but I'd like a butt that wasn't so out there. If I wear some of my other pants it's like DANG, that bitch has a huge ass. My fear was always to end up with secretary's ass and that fear remains. You know what I'm talking about- the butt that you could put your coffee cup on and know it'd be alright.

So now none of my bras fit and having to buy a DD bra just makes me angry. It almost makes me want to break out the Shake Weight but then Matt would expect me to use his "Shake Weight" and I'm just not doing that. Quite frankly, if that's what he wants he can just borrow my lotion and have a good time on his own. He doesn't need me. But the Shake Weight is still under my bed because honestly, it's too embarrassing to put into a yard sale. I envision questionable members of society trying it out all day in front of me and it's not a vision anyone should have in their mind.

Anyways. So that's the random update for tonight. Tomorrow is a book review and and maybe some hilarity. Who knows.


Julie H said...

A friend of mine has the boob problem too. Mine have just deflated to scary empty sacks. And I have no ass. It's feast or famine!

Paige said...

embrace the DDs! embrace!

Ang said...

I really love that girls outfit, can you tell me where I can get one?

Cute pic of you and Matt!
Average pic of you and the other hub (you'll hate me, but I don't see what anyone sees in him) :-P

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I only have three bras. So one of them had the underwire pop through the fabric the other day. I was pissed. Right before I go out of town! Then I put on another. Same thing fucking happened 5 hours later. So I had to go get two new bras. I got my normal size, and I was like EXPLODING out of them. I guess I'm a D now. We're boobalicious.

Carol N Wong said...

I don't have much of a butt, my bra is 40 C but what gets me is my belly. Where did it come from and how long it is planning on staying.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I have those pants! Those pants rock!

Kimberly said...

I'm horrified I'm going to lose my ass. This is a blessing that has been bestowed upon you.

Seana said...

Sarah! I have resumed my blogging, from my unintended hiatus, and I bet I have soooo much to catch up on, reading-wise, just from your past entries!

In order of your entries topics.. or maybe not in any particular order..

1.) Okay, I gather you're trying some sort of diet? Me too! I just want to lose a measely 15 pounds. I wish I could get my boobs to get bigger as a result! So lucky, you are!

2.) Cute pic of you and your hubby ;-) and R. Patt is becoming yummier and yummier to me.. he's just recently hit my hottie radar. LOL

3.) Cooking is over rated.. trust me on this one.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

you have an actual shake weight! OMG! I am agog!
Your butt looks fantastic in those pants! Have some more popcorn!

____j said...

LOVE those pants, girl!

P.S. that first pic is awesome. I wish I could be as confident as that lady? lol

Krystle said...

Love the pants!!! I wish I could just take the fat from my gut, put it in my ass and then get implants. That's all! lol

Good job on the weight loss too! :)

Lin said...

You look fabulous. Also, I wish I had your tush :/