Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mama Drama.

Oh silly bitches, I'm not talking about legit drama with my mama. My mama and I are awesome and just fine and lord knows we'd never appear on this show.

Instead, have you seen the VH1 show Mama Drama? Oh god I love you, VH1. No matter how terrible I feel about myself or how down on life I am, VH1 reality TV can always make me feel so much better. And I'm going to just come out and say that one of my blogger friends, Carrie, is the light of my life. If it were not for her I would not have DVR'd every episode of this and watched it during the week I was without kids. I even subjected Matt to it and he is not happy about that, but honestly- it was heavenly.

Basically the premise of the show is they pair mother/daughter duo's together in a loft in Las Vegas a la Real World style, and mayhem ensues. Oh, does it ensue. I'm going to just talk about each character because I got heated with some of these. I even yelled at Matt because I couldn't yell at them.

Loren (mom), twins Whitney and Britney

Holy crap. First off, the mom comes off as if she's this awesome mom and takes her job seriously. The girls? Hot messes. Oh my word. They just scream and get offended at EVERYTHING. They are screaming at somebody in literally every episode over ridiculous stuff. They especially rail on Gina and Marcella (see them below) and I understand that they are weird- but leave them be. M&G aren't big drinkers, but this trio get very angry that M&G don't want to drink and literally start screaming. In almost every episode. Honestly. The best part? Is that the trashy twin (in gray) is a mom herself. I'm sure your toddler is proud to see her mom act like a whore on TV. They basically epitomize every stereotype that you think of when you think of young, African American female. They may be college educated and have done great things in their lives, but it's totally overshadowed when they basically act ghetto and scream at everybody and threaten to kick everyone's ass over stupid stuff.

Gina (mom), Marcella

Basically... this is an extreme example of what can happen if you don't cut the umbilical cord. Really, cutting that cord should not be as difficult as these two make it. They dress alike, they live together, they do everything together, no decision is made without the other, etc. I mean, this mom rocked daisy dukes and giant flowers on her head all season. I swear to god, if my mom wore daisy dukes we would have an intervention. Absolutely not. I'm close to my mom but lord knows we are nowhere near this. It's sad and terrifying to watch because you know that if Gina dies? Marcella would probably die within days. Not even joking.

Debbie (mom), Gina

Let me just say, that when Carrie told me that she could go her whole life and never see Debbie rub her large body, squeezed into a tiny bathing suit, over a wet car again and be OK. That right there is what sold me on this show. Honestly, these two seem like fun but kind of trashy. They are from New Jersey so this is the very white girl version of Jersey Shore. It's a train wreck. And bless Debbie, she wants to be an Oreo cookie with Loren (see above) and Sharon (see below) and she almost got her ass kicked by suggesting it.

Sharon (mom), Ashley

OK, so I kind of hated this group as much as the first trio. Talk about bitchy and rude. It's unbelievable. I'm seeing a trend that every show that features African American women that they are either portrayed to be overly ghetto or they are in fact, the most ghetto women they can find in America. I mean, these people are screaming, fighting, talking over each other, throwing shit, etc. You can't even watch them when there is an argument because they just scream over each other and result to screaming that they are going to kick the other's ass.

Jay (mom), Vanessa

Let me break these two down: the daughter is dumb as hell who hardly bathes and seemed confused that bathing daily is kind of a social norm. The mom doesn't like public restrooms so she pees in a diaper. And leaves them around. I am not kidding.

When I see shows about young women who act like this I first wonder how do so many girls end up this way? Is it because the parents became friends instead of a parent? Is it a lack of discipline and guidance? Media influence? I don't know, but as a parent of a daughter it's terrifying.

The other thing that floors me is these women don't see anything wrong with their behavior. If I was just out of control, flashing my vagina, getting drunk, table dancing, threatening to beat people up, whatever- I would be totally ashamed of myself. I would also be afraid of the wrath of my own mom because I know for a damn fact she would never tolerate that.

Has anyone else seen this show? Am I missing any reality TV that I should absolutely be watching? Don't worry, I'm already watching the Gypsy shows. Holy crap, I love the gypsies.


Carrie said...

Ok, you are totally kidding about the diaper thing. Right? Please say yes. I am seriously about to watch all of the recorded episodes just so I can see that. Not the actual diapers...lol...you know what I'm saying!

All the yelling and talking over each other is the reason why I only watched the first episode and taped the rest. I need to be in the right state of mind to handle all that!!!

How crazy that the one mom I was like no way, put some clothes on, would probably be the only one I could stand.

The mom and daughter twins...um, so super crazy to dress like each other all. The. Time. Weird!!!!!

Julie H said...

Doesn't make me sad that I hardly ever watch TV lol. It's amazing what they will pay people for!

Julie H said...

Doesn't make me sad that I hardly ever watch TV lol. It's amazing what they will pay people for!

Josie said...

Oh my god the gypsies are my favorite!