Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weigh in. A day late.

I know I'm way behind in blogging and I have a TON of hilarious for you, not so much hilarious for me at the time, posts coming up. We haven't had internet in two days and I'm basically going insane. Matt got it to work (kind of) by linking with a neighbor's wireless without them knowing. So let's hope I can at least get this post up and running!

So a couple of weeks ago when I restarted my weightloss mission, my weight in was 174. It's been about three weeks I believe and as of Sunday morning, I weighed in at 169 point something. It's a LOSS and I am going to full take that.

Things that I am trying to do more regularly:

* Track my food on MyFitnessPal. Admittedly, I have not done this since last Friday but my phone is also being wonky and I think I need to do my update on it. But I've been eating basically the same thing every day so I know I'm within my calorie intake.
* I'm still hungry all of the time. Anybody who tells you that your body will adjust to eating fewer calories is a god damn liar. I am hungry to the point where I contemplate throwing my goals out the window for a god damn Snickers bar.
* I've decided that on weekends? I'm not going to count calories. Weekends are my fun days where I get to eat out at new places or just relax and have smores with the kids. I also know that I bust my ass around the house and yard both days so while it's hard to track those things as exercise, I know I am exhausted when I go to bed.
* I haven't started kickboxing yet. I was supposed to last Monday but it ended up being cancelled. Honestly, every day I set as my start day- they cancel the class. I feel my motivation slipping away slowly on that.
* I have decided I am not ever going to be a marathon runner and I need to stop trying. Honestly, I look like an asshole out there and I dread going out to run. I am still walking though and I feel like a brisk 30 minute walk is just as good. I end up coming home sweaty and it's probably more of a light jog with my pace, so I'm calling it good.
* Weight Watchers recipes taste like shit. And I don't mean, "I could maybe get used to this with some kind of dip" shit, I'm talking, bland as hell shit. I can't do it. I thought if I made some low calorie/low point recipes I would do better. Um, no. I've made five and they were all gross. Even Matt told me to never, ever make them again no matter how chunky I get. I could only agree.
* I don't care what anyone says, I can't eat whole wheat pasta. That crap is not right. It is so wrong and gross I just can't do it. I've decided I am a fan of gluten and I always will be. Sara & Gluten 4 Life.

OK. Tomorrow I have a book review for a REALLY good book and then I have laundry room progress report, the embarrassing behind-my-stove post, date night gone wrong, and how I kicked last weekend's ass post. All coming this week.

And before I forget- send me your Dear Sara questions to: sarastrand9438(at)hotmail(dot)com and I'll include them in this week's post.


Sara said...

Go Girl Go! I think walking is supposed to be even better for you than running. I think if you've worked up a sweat, it's worth something! Also, whole wheat pasta is pretty dang gross! I did try this recipe: http://www.bethenny.com/2010/05/12/classic-bolognese-lasagna/ from trusted Skinny Girl Bethenny Frankel. It was awesome and you couldn't really tell it was healthier. I would maybe just add a little more meet and a little more sauce as it didn't cover every inch, but the cheeses were good. (I also didn't grate my own parm, just got it already prepped.) It's fun making a lasagna from scratch.

Wawee said...

If you ever need a "partner" in weight loss, I'd love to encourage each other, or at least bitch to each other about how hard it is. And whole wheat past is disgusting - give me gluten too:)

Shirley said...

Whole wheat pasta = the anti-Christ

Kattrina said...

I think walking is just fine. I, personally love running, but I also enjoy walking. And walking's great exercise.

And I love whole wheat pasta. My husband eats it too - I told him it was just a different brand of spaghetti. Since he's Honduran and hasn't been here too long, he doesn't know that I'm completely lying. They don't eat much spaghetti in Honduras so he has no clue what "real" spaghetti even tastes like. I tricked him with turkey bacon for a long time too - until we went to my parents' house and they made him real bacon and he was like, "Your mom's bacon is sooooooooooooo much better than yours.".

And I make a ton of WW recipes from Skinny Taste - www.skinnytaste.com. She is amazing! I'm not even in WW and I love her food. My husband and brother-in-law like it too, so it's not just me (since you may not trust me after saying that I like whole wheat pasta). You should definitely try some of them - the crockpot meals are delish.

Jes said...

I don't know if you have a heart rate monitor but that would help you track those house/yard work things as exercise. Also try mixing half whole wheat pasta with regular when you make it. And if low fat/low calorie stuff doesn't taste good, add more seasoning! I just restarted using My Fitness Pal but since I dont have a smart phone its a pain in the ass. Good luck on losing weight!

Zoƫ said...

I loved whole wheat pasta but it's definitely a different texture. Also it totally has gluten in it (hence the wheat :P) now I have to eat corn pasta, and not often, and pasta in general I am trying desperately to avoid cause I'm trying to loose some weight too and I love my pasta just a little too much.

good luck !

Life Love & High Heels said...

I haven't done so well tracking either! We gotta keep each other accountable!