Monday, August 27, 2012

Weight update? Not on your life. Instead, CHICAGO!

I have a little love affair with a certain whore named Chicago. I can't help myself but continue to go back for more even though I come back feeling exhausted and used every single time. But this time we met up with my hot bitch counterpart in Michigan and her family and it was a great time. But for you to understand how much I love Chicago, you have to push play to this so you can get the full effect.

(Yes, I realize Ludacris is not from Chicago. But it's become a tradition except for that one time I forgot, that I play Ludacris when I roll in. Seriously.)

(And this turns out to be funny because when I got into a car accident on the way home, more on that tomorrow, this was playing. HAHA... not as hilarious as you think it would be. It's just embarrassing.)


Let's talk Chicago and how going as a family versus on your own will rape you of everything you have. 

We left our house at 5:30 in the morning on Friday and started our eight hour drive. It's a seriously long, boring haul. Every time I plan a trip to Chicago it's like I forget how much I hate the drive, I'm just too excited to get there and have fun. Same thing this time. We ended up stopping in Janesville for lunch, gas, and to return a call from my work. Matt called into his work because he had a few bizarre messages from them and it was crazy. It was good to sit for an hour because I was tired to say the least. 

 So before we hit the road, the kids posed for a picture for me and then did "exercises" before hopping back into the van.

Finally.... we got into Chicago right at 3 as schedule. (Go me!) We ended up staying at the Hyatt Regency (same place I stayed for my birthday) and the kids were super excited and kept saying it was all fancy. AND they loved the fact we were on the top floor at the end of the hallway so they could look out and see all kinds of stuff. Plus, they have never been to Chicago, and have never seen such tall buildings so this was a big deal for them.
 Here are them getting their tourist on in front of the NBC building.
While waiting for Jen and her crew to meet us for dinner at Giordano's, we played in the fountain. Unfortunately for Jen and her crew, I am absolute shit with directions and they ended up going to the wrong Giordano's, and then caught a cab to where we were. I felt bad because honestly- how was I supposed to know there was more than one? This is the only one I've ever seen. So lesson learned- assume there are multiples of everything in downtown Chicago.

But dinner was super good. I think it's kind of weird that the Italian restaurant apparently only hires Hispanic people. Not that I have anything against Hispanic people, it's just kind of weird.

After dinner David really wanted to go to Sprinkles and frankly- who am I to turn down baked goods? MyFitnessPal and I are not speaking and so I decided that hell yes- cupcakes were to be had.
 And guess what Sprinkles has? A cupcake ATM. I'm not even kidding. I have a picture on my phone somewhere, but trust me- it's cool. The store also plays the most annoying jingle EVER on a loop 24/7. And because you know you want to judge this, go HERE and tell me what you think. But the place was kind of tricky to find, the cupcakes are EXPENSIVE too. I think for three I paid almost $16? Insane. And they also weren't awesome. I mean, they were good but they weren't the best I've ever had. I make a pretty mean cupcake courtesy of my friend, Betty Crocker.
But I got the kids cupcakes that were like smores. They only ate the frosting so I clearly got ripped off. I got a little present for my friend from there and we headed back to our hotel. Saturday was going to be a LONG day and we had driven for so long that we were kind of beat. 

So that was day one. Pretty uneventful with awesomeness, but we made up for that on Saturday and Sunday. Trust. 


Jennifer Kay said...

You and My Fitness Pal are on the outs? Hilarious.

Seana said...

How funny! 'Lose It!' and myself are not on friendly terms right now either! I wonder if it's because of the fact it's Summer and there's so many yummy things to be had?

I can't wait to hear about the rest of your weekend! Totally beats mine already ;-)

Shirley said...

MyFitnessPal and I aren't talking either but in my defense my sister's wedding is Saturday and my bridesmaid dress is too loose. Also, I think Sprinkles is like the whore that steals you money in your sleep and than gives a sub par bj.

Sara said...

Just have to give a little "woo!" for Janesville. Fudruckers is pretty close to my parent's house. Obviously I'm "Janesville-sick" or just "Wisconsin-sick." Looks like ya'll had a great time though. Would love to see a cupcake ATM! They mention one in Bunheads. :)

Stacia said...

Love the kids pictures! :) AND....I've never been to Chicago. Bummer for me. Someday!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

You know how to make Betty's cake even better? Add an egg and replace the water with milk. You can swap out the oil for melted butter as well. Seriously bumps up the deliciousness of a box mix.
My kids are fascinated with tall building when we go to DC. The tallest one around here is 4 storeys.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

THEY HAVE A SPRINKLES THERE? How did I not know this. And goddamnit, make your kids stop being so cute. I will come steal them. I will.

Julie H said...

Every place here is ran by hispanics. Panda Express? Not a chinese person in the place.