Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Faux First Day, and Dance Moms Reunited.

So I have all kinds of things to blog about, but I'm going to post about this now while it's fresh in my head before I forget and then it's that awkward "first day of school" post only three months late.

Olivia has her Smart Start for first grade today (meet teacher, put supplies away, school photos, etc) but tomorrow is her first real day of class. Can I just say that my daughter is A) gorgeous, B) way too big girl for my liking?
 Because you look at that picture and don't tell me she's adorable. I wish you could see her matching cherry earrings (because... obviously) because we spent an entire day driving all over Duluth looking for a pair, and ended up spending $20 at the god damn Piercing Pagoda. Then it turns out to be all for nothing because her hair got in the way for her pictures. *sigh*
 But she's all excited about it and the whole I-have-no-friends-in-class is kinda hitting home this evening. After dance (see below) she was telling me she's really bummed none of her besties are in her class. Which, I totally get. And I'm even more worried after seeing some of the kids in her class- let's just say it's going to be a tough year. Poor kid.

But tonight was also night one of dance class! My most favorite thing about her going to dance is all of the other dance moms, because it's just a ton of fun. It's almost like that show Dance Moms, except we aren't rich or constantly drunk, but it's still pretty stinking awesome. I forget how much I look forward to dance. I think I might just keep Olivia in dance against her will just so I can have Dance Mom night.
The girls are so freaking cute and this isn't even their whole class- just the besties.

Tomorrow I am going to show you updated laundry room pictures. I know- I'm such a lazy whore and keep promising this and I never come through, like a no show hooker, but I promise tomorrow I will have them for you. AND, I have pictures of Matt's bonus project that he wants me to make sure I tell you all that he did so he gets real world credit for it. Loser.


kimberrleigh said...

So fun fact, Dance Moms is filmed outside of Pittsburgh. And everyone from the Pittsburgh area (including me) is either in love with the show or wants to stab it violently with a fire heated knife. I'm a little of both sometimes, but mostly love it for the ridiculous drama.

Also, Olivia is adorbs. For serious. I normally hate children (read: 99% of the time do) but I feel like she is probably one of the most well behaved ones ever, since you're her mother. :)

carelessly graceful

Ang said...

super adorbs!

Anonymous said...

YOu are so right...she is absolutely adorable!! And that cherry shirt? Super sweet.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

She is so dang pretty. Takes after that mama of hers.

PS. I feel like we haven't chatted lately. I miss you.

Ryan Adair said...

She is so cute!

Julie H said...

LOL that's how we were with girl scouts. Finally I was like why are we even bothering with the official stuff? Let's skip the scouts and just hang out whenever we want!