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Guest Post, author Meg Lacey

I am super excited to have reviewed Meg Lacey's book, The Sparrow and the Hawk for my blog yesterday, and even more excited to have her do a little guest post for me. Be sure to register to win a copy of her book using the link at the bottom of this post!

Hi everyone,

I’m Meg Lacey.

It’s a rainy day where I live, the perfect day to forget about everything and sit down with a good book and have a “Me” Day. I can hear some of you thinking, “Yeah, right, never going to happen! I have too much to do.” Work, family, school, etc.— believe me, I understand. As women, I think we come with guilt programmed into our DNA.

Take me for example. I don’t relax well. I wrote my first novel in the sixth grade, but my writing career didn't last. Instead I went into theatre before ending up in televison as a writer-producer for many years. Although I’m now writing fulltime, I still have tons of obligations that get in the way of taking a ‘Me’ day. But you know what? Lately, I’ve forcing myself to haul out my inner diva and say, “Screw it. I’m taking time for me!”  You need to do the same. 

So today, or sometime soon make time for the Me in You. Forget the guilt and just go for it. Grab a glass of wine, a book and take a bubblebath, find a corner and indulge in yoga followed by dark chocolate, watch a sad movie and cry your eyes out, or do what I’m going to do today—go for a long walk in the rain. Before you go, though, I’d like to tell you about my paranormal romance series coming out from Imajinn Books,,  on Sept. 30, 2012—“Tales of the Sparrow.”  The first book is “The Sparrow and The Hawk. “

“Tales of the Sparrow” is a humorous, paranormal romantic adventure series set in the future—a time when magic, myths, shapeshifters and other mystical creatures are possible because the veil between this world and the next had been stripped away.

In the first book, The Sparrow and The Hawk…

Jillie Harte, code name the Sparrow, a documentary film maker is an agent for the NAS (Normal, Abnormal, Strange) Agency. Her assignment—find The Carmaletta Choker before it falls into the wrong hands and destroys the world. Franklin Doherty, and associates are suspected of having the choker; and they are definitely the wrong hands! To get close to Franklin,  Jillie is producing a film on “Decoration, Fashion and Accessories Throughout History,” featuring his antique collection. Her assignment is complicated by Griff Ryland, her new, hot cameraman, who is also looking for the necklace. Griff is an enigma. Is he friend or foe? And why is she so distracted by his "pure sex on a stick" appeal?

Like the Sparrow, Griff, aka the Hawk, needs to retrieve the choker. It disappeared from his dimension years before, and his job is to bring it back.  Since he can shapeshift into a hawk or a mountain lion at a moment’s notice, Griff feels certain of success.  But he doesn’t bargain for a sassy, sexy redhead—and for his overwhelming urge to settle their differences in bed.

Now Griff and Jillie must not only overcome the deadly dark forces who want the choker, but they must also face their developing relationship.

And they thought saving the world from evil and chaos was hard!!!!

I’m including a short excerpt here also:

Excerpt:  The Sparrow and The Hawk

Jillie did another visual sweep of the lobby and met the gaze of a red-hot guy across the room. Jillie held her breath as the serious eye-yum moved toward her. The guy didn’t walk as much as he swaggered in that cocky, loose-limbed and fluid way that some great-looking men have programmed into their bones. He was tall and lean, with wheat-blond hair sporting a hint of a wave that fell almost to his shoulders, brilliant blue eyes, chiseled cheekbones and a strong jawbone. Still holding her gaze, the man smiled. His teeth were so strong and white that Jillie was tempted to reach for her sunglasses. He looked like a cover model for a man’s Western cologne. All he needed was a wild horse between his thighs, a wilder woman hanging onto him as if she’d never let him go, and a pulsating soundtrack.
            His smile broadened as he came close. “Hey,” he said.
Jillie glanced over her shoulder to see whom he was addressing.
            “Hey,” he said again.
            Redirecting her gaze, Jillie was surprised to find him standing directly in front of her. Given her recent image of him on a horse, his “hey” sounded appropriate.
            “Hey, there.” His voice was deep and a bit raspy, intimate enough to make Jillie think of hot, sweaty sex.
            She frowned, wishing she could shut her eyes. Her nose started itching. Maybe she was allergic to so much male beauty.  His grin moved up a notch to more-blinding-than-the noonday-summer-sun. Jillie blinked. “You must really have a great dentist.”
The guy looked confused for a moment. “Huh?”
“Forget it. Just a joke.”
“Oh.” He hooked a thumb in his belt. “Are you Jillian Harte? I’m Griff Ryland.”
            “You know. Griff Ryland.”
            Words formed in her mind as she felt the full power of his blue eyes, but given his questioning look, she didn’t think her verbal answer came out well.  She tried again, taking care to form each syllable. “No. I don’t know any Griff Ryland.”
            He shrugged, “We’ve never met personally.  I thought Kenny might have said something, since I’ve already heard a lot about you.”
            Jillie tilted her head, wondering where this was leading.  “I know Kenny Podansky. He works with me.”
            “Not on this project. You get me instead.”
            “Can I do anything I want with you?”

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