Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Matt was wrong. Obviously.

You remember that time where I had a mouse incident that was super disgusting and horrible? Of course you do, we were all scarred by those photos.

Then we had another mouse incident with less bloodshed because I trapped him in my room and made Matt come home to deal with it. Which he did because he knows what's good for him.

Then we went to the Home Depot because he tells me about some super sonic bullshit that you plug into your outlets to get rid of mice. I am skeptical because it was $25 for three of these things and quite frankly- the whole problem is this whole in the laundry room floor (shocker) that goes into the crawlspace. I am 100% convinced that if he just closed up the hole, we would have no problem.

And yes, we have two cats but honestly- I don't want mouse guts on my brand new carpet. Come on now.


So we buy these things and he's all puffed up thinking he's saving his family. I begrudgingly hand over my debit card shaking my head knowing it's not going to work.

And SURPRISE I was right.

What was that? Why yes, we had another mouse incident. Just mere inches from the super sonic mouse outlet plugin. SHOCKER.

Thankfully the mouse was discovered when Matt was getting up in the morning so I'm glad I didn't see it. I'm a little alarmed it was just on the floor because I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee almost every night and I could have stepped on it. And let me tell you- if that had happened, every neighbor in a three block radius would have been aware of the incident.

So I told Matt he was wrong (obviously) and he needs to close up the hole. His response? "Well, I'll get some foam and take care of it." Which is completely unacceptable to me because it's that spray foam. So I say, "You're going to use the spray foam so it looks ghetto but it's easy, aren't you?" His totally said that was it. So I say no way, you need to go get some wood and make it look nice.

The saga shall continue but know this: I was once again right. This weekend we're supposed to go buy the things we need to fix this. I'm just happy it's only a random mouse once every few months but still. It's so freaking gross and I hate having to clean my floors daily. Shudder. So stay tuned. And if you hear a scream in the distance, I probably found another one.


Josie said...

What kind of plug in thingy? Because at my parent's house they have ONE plug in thingy for the whole house and all it does is make a really quiet beeping noise and it seems to work. They've had it for YEARS and never had a mouse. Then my stupid ass unplugged it for a couple weeks and VOILA! they got a mouse. We plugged it back in and we haven't seen one sense.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

We must not have mice because I have not found one dead mouse in our house. The cats are really good at killing giant spiders though.