Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten on Tuesday. It's like a love letter to Linny.

I love me some Linny and I think you should too. So in my own way, I'm going to do her Ten on Tuesday so show my love for her. *smooch*
1. I got new brakes on my van today, both front and back. I am so appreciative that my Dad came home basically to replace these for me and grateful that he was able to do it. It was meant to only be my front brakes but once he started working he realized I had basically no brakes on the back either. Long story short, I'm just very happy that Baby Jeebus not let my brakes go out and die. Seriously. And since driving it with new brakes I realized how bad they were. Like, I barely tap the brake and it's like slamming on the brakes. It's kind of freaking terrifying to realize how bad it was and you don't even know it.

2. I took the first steps in switching banks. My bank apparently sold themselves to some bank in Canada and is going to start charging me outrageous amounts just to have an account. Plus, we're talking about replacing the van in the spring and I talked to them about a loan and they were total assholes. It was the nail in the coffin. So I opened a new checking/savings account for us and Tuesday we finalize everything because Matt has to sign off on everything. But I've never switched banks and everyone tells me a nightmare. Yay.

3. I am really sick and tired of bad drivers. I feel like my road rage is getting worse. Today I honked like a maniac at a person who clearly almost killed a pedestrian. Nobody even cared or slowed down. I fucking hate people.

4. Why aren't you stopping for pedestrians? Don't be a douchebag people- stop for pedestrians.

5. I am really disgusted that it is fall and getting colder here. I am fully aware that seasons come and go but I'm disgusted. Sure, sweatshirts are awesome and I love me some jeans, but I fucking hate waiting for my van windows to defrost.

6. I'd also like to point out that I don't know why I've never gotten a remote start for my van. So that means that I will have yet another winter where I'm scraping windows I can't reach because I'm too god damn short and I'll be swearing at Matt for not getting me a remote start, but by god- his piece o' crap Jeep has one. It's not like HE hauls kids and is in a rush EVERY morning, but noooooo... Sara doesn't get a remote start because it's expensive and difficult to install. What-fucking-ever.

7. Is it wrong that I am anxiously awaiting the DVD release of Magic Mike? Because if it is, I don't want to be right.

8. I feel like I am getting sick and I'd like to blame that kid who had bright green boogers who coughed on me. That little fucker probably has some bizarre strain of disease and now I'm going to die. According to WebMD I might have a brain tumor. Sure, it could just be a head cold but it could be a brain tumor.

9. Can anyone explain to me why boy short panties give me a wedgie? Do they give everyone a wedgie? Is my ass just big enough it swallows underwear?

10. I am going to be co-hosting a Halloween themed swap with my friend Jamie, so you need to get on your A-game bitches. Start buying Halloween themed goodies that are awesome and fun and anxiously await our sign ups, coming soon. And maybe you'll get me as your match. You'd be kind of bad ass then.


middle child said...

Re: #9.....I do believe they are not allowed to be called boy shorts unless they DO give you a wedgie! Look cute, feel like crap.

Shirley said...

I don't do boy shorts. I have a bubble butt and they ride up my ass....not cute. I may be as excited for Halloween swap as I am for Magic Mike.

Anonymous said...

Honey, I too wear boy short underwear...and really? I am convinced it is Indian underwear because it is ALWAYS creeping up the trail on me.

Just sayin.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I had remote start in my old car. My fancy new car doesn't have it. I miss it SO SO SO SO much. It was so worth the $200. But I can't get it on my new car because it's a lease.

SpiritPhoenix said...

Boy shorts do the same thing to me. I don't get it either.

Lin said...

I have to start out by saying, this is the most beautiful love letter ever written to me & the fact that you're super blog-sexy makes it better ;)

1. Totally been there. You'd think since my dad's a mechanic that all of our cars wouldve be tuned up when I was younger but nope. Never. Glad you go them replaced.
2. Good for you. I hate banks that charge you outrageous fees for nothing. Ive changed banks twice & it wasnt so bad.
3. I have serious road rage. Stupid drivers piss me off.
4. Word.
5. I'm actually really excited about Fall & cold weather. Then again, it's still 98 degrees here. Move to SoCal, we'll hang out on the beach & not be cold together.
6. When you get a new car, DEMAND you get a remote start! Hear that Matt, get this girl what she wants.
7. Never saw this movie but will definitely be renting it & watching it in slow-mo ;)
8. Ugh, being sick fucking sucks. I hope you dont end up getting it.
9. Haha, I have like NO butt & I still get a wedgie. So, no, it's not just your bum.
10. Halloween swap you say? Hmm...may just have to join the fun!