Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Let's all vote in an election that matters. My car needs a name, dammit.

Remember how almost a month ago I announced I got a new car and she needs a name. I've already decided it was a girl. You all put in your fabulous suggestions in so you could win a fabulous prize. I already have the prize. Oh, I do.

Matt and I narrowed down the list of awesomeness. But here's where you come in. I need you all to vote. All the pressure is on you. You'll know which choices were heavily favored by Matt.

1. Blue Iris
2. Gideon AKA The Gids (even though this is a boy name, I'd change the gender of my car.)
3. Tits Magee
4. Miriam

I know. These are what we narrowed it down to. How did we do this? I think Matt just picked his one, and then I practiced yelling the name out. Because let's face it, I yell a lot when I drive. Maggie the GPS gets it a lot but if she would just do her job she wouldn't get yelled at. Obviously.

Now, whichever name is picked (by popular vote)- the person who came up with the name is going to win a fabulous prize package. Yay! How do you vote? Leave a comment on this post with your vote. And hurry up, because I have a trip this weekend and I'd like to have something to yell out.


Anna said...

Gideon is my favorite! It goes well with Maggie - The Gids and The Mags =)

Katie said...

Gideon. My first choice is tits Magee, but I'm sure you don't need your kids telling their teacher that moms car is named tits!

Katie said...

Though Tits Magee is my fave, I'm sure that it wouldn't be fun to explain to Olivia's teacher at conferences when she asks who "tits" is???? So I vote for Gideon.

Sara said...

I vote Miriam :)

Sarah (saz101) said...

Hehehehe! I just got a new car and called it George, so you totally grabbed my attention when I saw your psot name in a friend's sidebar ^__^

I like Miriam -- soley because your GPS is called Maggie. I like the sound of Maggie and Miriam ;D

Seana said...

Hmmm... I've been trying out these choices in my head for the past five minutes for you, and I've narrowed it down to 1. and 4.)...

After a bit more deliberation, I definitely think Miriam is the clear winner!


kimberrleigh said...

I mean Tits Magee is pretty solid, but I would classify that as a nickname when it does something stupid.
I think you should call it Beyonce, for several reasons:
1) anything new is pretty much a boss. And she's a boss.
2) It has more awesome power and awesomeness than the mini van. So your van was like Lil Kim - great in the early 2000s, but just old and outdated and boring now. Beyonce is the shit.
3) Being an SUV, it kind of has a big butt (at least my car does). And she has a big bootay.

Done, name picked.
carelessly graceful

Anonymous said...

Hey.....I have to go with my favorite, Blue Iris.

I just love the idea of naming the car after a porn star.


PS: But Tits Magee rocks too. Wonder who was clever enough to come up with that name?

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

GIDEON. I am all up on that Gids.

Lin said...

I like #1 but there's something about Gideon that makes me want to vote for it too.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I like Blue Iris best of the bunch. But Gideon has a nice Biblical ring to it. If you call it Gideon you have to go take one of those Gideon bibles from a hotel room & keep it under your seat.

Jennifer Kay said...

While I agree Tits Magee is a good downhome name, I'm going with Gideon...hands down.

Josie said...

MIRIAM!!! And Tits Magee as a nickname.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I think Gideon is going over well...and it is a fun one. I'd say either that or Mariam. :)

E said...

Miriam for sure! ;) Especially since your GPS is named Maggie. Maggie and Miriam...yelling them together flows nicely.

Erwin Calverley said...

Have you named the car already? Well, for me, Miriam would be a good name for your new car. The name sounds sophisticated and classy, the best description for the Ford Escape. Naming a car is an emotionally significant activity because it usually leads to the creation of a stronger sentimental bond between you and the car. Anyway, whatever name you decide on, I think you would enjoy calling it your own.

@Erwin Calverley