Wednesday, November 7, 2012

People are scary.

Can I just say, though I'm thrilled Obama won last night, I'm terrified by watching people on TV, seeing people's reactions on websites and Facebook? Holy shit. I remember even 10 years ago it was unheard of to be blatantly racist and disrespectful. If someone had called Bush a crazy ass white cracker, there would have been an outrage. Remember how pissed off people were at Kanye and his terrible "Bush doesn't care about black people?" Even when it was clearly true?

Last night to see so many people speak so disrespectfully about our President was appalling. Have we forgotten that we are to respect people of authority? Or is that just when you feel like it? Aren't we taught to treat everyone the same despite race, creed, ethnicity, religion, etc? But that must be only when it's convenient for us.

I've always said that as a parent I have a higher calling to my children. Sure, it's my job to make sure they grow up to be honest, decent people that are hopefully not criminals. It'd be nice that they grow up to be community volunteers, out to help fellow man, and be a good role model to their peers. But it's hard because not only do I have to instill all of this in them, I have to do it without bias. Without preconceived perceptions and opinions that I have formed on my own.

It means though I don't necessarily believe in God, that I have to leave the option open to them. If my children ask me about God, or what does it mean to be Jewish, or what's a Muslim, I have to inform them without opinion. Let them form their own free thoughts. I don't want my children to go into the world believing something only because I do, but because it's what they hold in their own heart and know in their own mind.

Maybe someday my kids will go to college and come home on break and tell me they want to be Catholic. Or Jewish. Or whatever. Maybe they'll learn that they are gay. Maybe they'll decide they don't want to go to college and are happy working at Target. No matter what they decide, as long as they decide whatever they feel or want to do on their own, I'll support them. Because I will feel as if I succeeded as a parent.

But that's the same with race. If you don't like black people, if you don't like Latinos, if you are pro-white and ship everyone else off? Keep it to yourself. You don't have the right to poison the minds of children. One of the most humbling things is to hear your seven year old daughter ask you why some people don't like people with a different skin color, and you have no reason to give her.

No matter what you think of Obama in regards to his performance as a President, because every other reason you don't like him is insignificant and reflects what kind of person you are, watching him be elected last night was history. If you can honestly say that you watched his acceptance speech and didn't feel hopeful, empowered as an American, and a little patriotic, you need to look at the black cloud on your soul. Really. I don't always think Obama's ideas are awesome, but I respect him because he is our President. And our President is really only as good as the people he leads. So before you lament that we're all screwed and you should move to Canada, is it productive? Or would it be better to work together?


Seana said...

So true!

I was at the gym last night watching the leadership board bounce back and forth between the two, and heard a few not-so-nice comments uttered from the man working out near me! (Somewhat under his breath, but he wasn't trying very hard to be quiet.)

And then today, while I was working out I couldn't believe that the people on the news were discussing the possible "conspiracy theory" and why the Republicans thought big government was out to get them.. and this wasn't even FOX news!

I think the President deserves our respect and support, because a country is only as strong as the citizens and their ability to see past themselves and get the bigger picture.


Lin said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. I hate how everyone's acting like animals over this. It's like grow the hell up already.

Ruth said...

My cousin wanted everyone that voted for Obama off her friends list. I don't know if she just assumed that if you voted but didn't vote for Obama, you voted for Romney. I thought that was shit. I voted for neither one of them and deleted her ass anyway. She was really quite nasty on political ranting.