Monday, April 29, 2013

Head bitch be going crazy.

I have SO MUCH to write about and literally no time. This week is insane, and yet again I find myself wondering why I even carry a calendar when I clearly don't refer to it. But here are some highlights I'm going to talk more about last on this week:

  • The house is officially on the market as of today. Matt and I may or may not have fought in the Realtor's office on Friday. It wasn't pretty. I'll tell you all about that, the disappointment, what it means in terms of a new house, and why I feel like vomiting. 
  • I have a really incredible book review coming up this week. It's been a full day since I finished it and yeah. No words. Amazing. 
  • Jackson starts outdoor soccer this week. That means my weekly schedule is dance on Tuesday, soccer practice on Wednesday, swimming on Thursday, and soccer game on Saturday. I am a moron. 
  • I went to the Airborne Toxic Event concert last week. It was amazing and I got to touch Mikel Jollett in a totally non-sexual way, but still good. He's dreamy. 
  • I went to the Fleetwood Mac concert last night. 
  • I have concert hangover like something fierce. 
  • There is a Realtor Showcase tomorrow, our house is number one or two on the list. Which means... 

I am done for the night here. I need to clean my house, put stuff away and make it pretty. They are coming in the morning so I won't have time tomorrow to spruce stuff up. Not going to lie, I'm scared that they will hate my house and say it's never going to sell. More soon. 


Ruth said...

I have heard that to sell a house, bake an apple pie. So, the house smells inviting.
When I read about people with kids doing all these activities and going to all of them, I am glad I only had one and she is not into everything. She did soccer when she was little and now she does taekwondo and that's it.

Stacia said...

Your house will sell and I can't wait to read your next review. I just borrowed The Great Escape that you reviewed a while ago from the library, just started last night. Keep them coming!!! Breathe, Chica. Breathe. And don't kill anyone. xoxo

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

What happened with the listing? I have been up in the clouds and have been totally MIA.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

good luck with the showcase!

Lin said...

Apparently I've missed every post that said you were selling your house. I want to say congrats because the prospect of a new one is always nice but selling is a bitch. Good luck!

nfmgirl said...

Fleetwood Mac? God, I'm so envious!