Monday, May 20, 2013

I might boycott tipping.

Over the past few weeks we have eaten out a lot, which sounds terrible but it was mostly because our house had people looking at it... so we couldn't be there. And it was over dinner time. And by the time we were able to get back in, it was time to do homework/get ready for bed.


We've been out  lot. And I know I mentioned a few years ago how one time I did not tip because our waitress basically ignored me, brought me the wrong food, never did get my salad and never refilled my drink but was ALL OVER my brother. I didn't tip her because she really sucked at her job, and the hate mail. OH, the hate mail.

A lot of people were quite heated that I chose not to tip. And at first I felt bad like, "shit- they do make a crappy wage and maybe she's homeless because I didn't put down my $3..". I really did feel bad and from then on, I have been a tipper. I tipped for everything out of fear someone would say what a rude bitch I was for not tipping.

But then I've recently decided, no. No, I am not tipping you for a shitty job. When I go out to eat I have basic expectations. I expect to be seated quickly (unless it's way busy, then I totally understand a wait), I expect to get a drink before having to look at my menu, I don't want to be rushed to decide, and when I order? Make sure you bring me what I order. If I say no mayo- that sandwich better be mayo-fucking-free. I expect you to come refill my drinks when it looks low. Don't leave me parched 20 minutes into my meal hoping my ice melts so I don't die of thirst.

And for the love of fucking god- if I'm sitting there, with an empty plate? Assume I want my bill. Then bring me my change back quickly. Don't walk around with it for another 20 minutes. A simple lunch salad and soda should not be an 75 minute affair. When I'm with one person. It's obscene.

So tipping wait staff I guess I can kind of understand it. But tipping everybody else in the world? No. I will not tip you for getting my muffin out of a display case and putting it into a paper bag. That's your job. I know for a fact that you are getting paid at least minimum wage- your wage is to compensate you for putting my muffin into the bag. I just paid almost $5 for a god damn muffin and orange juice- I don't have to give you more. It's not like you walked the muffin out to my car for me in the rain.

I don't know why we've gone tip crazy. I guess I feel like a tip should be because somebody did something over and beyond what is expected of them. We tip the paper boy- why? He's hired to deliver the paper- why are we tipping him for that? Because he showed up? HE'S SUPPOSED TO. Or he could get fired. We tip our hair dresser- why? We're specifically going to get a hair cut- that's what they do. It's not even like you're tipping before they do your hair so they don't do something horrible. We tip baristas- why? They are hired to put fancy coffee into cups. That's their job. We tip valets- why? They are supposed to take your car and park it god knows where and then hopefully find it when you need it again. That's their job.

It's like people can't just be happy to have a job and wage. They just feel entitled to have more. It's ridiculous. It's definitely gotten out of hand as far as I'm concerned. If I think about how much I've shelled out in tips alone over the last year? Hundreds. Do you know what I could do with hundreds of dollars?

I could buy a new back splash for my new kitchen in my new house. I could buy a pony. I could even buy a goat. Maybe even two goats. I could buy a couple pairs of shoes. I could feet starving children in some country somewhere. But no, I'm shelling it out to some entitled college punk who can't even get my order right.


Unknown said...

yeah...this country is one of the only where we refuse to pay people a living wage and expect tips. My husband rants about it constantly. Also, I don't tip at Starbucks...except for change usually. I only tip people who live off of those tips, like my hairdresser, and waitresses.

Ruth said...

I tip waiters and that is it.
And probably not as much as I am supposed to.
The ones I hate are the gratuity added when the service is really bad.
The comedy place I go to does that. And they go by table so you may not order $30, but the other people order a lot so we end up paying.
I get sick of paying for what the employers should be.

meg @ you're meaghan me crazy! said...

love your honesty! I'm a panicker when it comes to tipping. I always have to ask others around me if that's enough. I absolutely hate myself for tipping people who don't deserve it but I feel so bad.
I usually tip the change when I get my coffee but recently the drive thru guy scoffed at my quarter tip so I don't anymore! I know it's just a quarter but what the hell do you expect for handing me my coffee you didn't even make!?

Steff said...

I so agree! Except I tip my hairdresser (when I go once every two years haha) because she could really fuck my hair up and I like to do it as a thanks for not messing it up. I hate having to tip baristas, especially when I just get black coffee. All they had to do was pour it in a cup...!

Jaime Hungry said...

A valet's wages are very similar to that of a waitress, they make their money almost solely off of tips. If free or cheaper self parking is available then I honestly think it's a little douchey not to tip.