Monday, July 1, 2013

Brief Update

Oh lambies, how I've missed you! SO much has happened since my last post and I won't have internet until tomorrow (if all goes well and AirFiber really works at my new house like Matt says it will), so I can't give you a real post... yet. But never fear, I have LOTS to catch you up on. Like...

1. We are in our new house! I know, that alone is exciting but it's also overwhelming. I took lots of "before" pictures and I might even have some "after" ones to show you too.

2. Because I am nothing if not efficient and grossly impatient, we painted two rooms yesterday. Which are a thousand times larger (slight exaggeration) than my old house, so it took me far longer than I had anticipated. I am not joking when I say I lost feeling in my right arm half way through the second room.

3. Um, we have a new baby. RELAX- my uterus is empty, but our baby has 4 legs. And fur. And is not a cat. Nor is it a goat, sadly, but it is a doggie! It's a super cute doggie and I love him to bits. I obviously have more pictures than I should have and  I'll share them with you soon.

4. Our vacation was awesome. I can't wait to talk about how bullshit Disney can be and also how disappointing walking around theme parks for 20 hours over two days does NOTHING for your body. Like, not one pound was lost. Surely I lost 14 in sweat alone. But no.

5. Oh, and then we heard gunshots on our last night.

6. But spending time with the family was super fun and the whole reason we went.

7. Oh yes, and I'll give you a little lesson on pre-paying for a hotel and travel websites. It was a $260 lesson that I've learned but I'll be damned if I'm losing $260. Whores. The battle continues.

8. Speaking of battle, can we say MOO? Like, all together? Because I have gained a lot of weight. Like, I'm not totally at my worst weight, but I'm close enough to it where I'm angry with myself. And Wendy's because  their fries are so good. And Oreo because fuck you and your Birthday Cake cookies.

9. Have you ever seen a cat projectile vomit? I did. I don't wish to see that ever again.

10. My scrapbook ROOM is coming together nicely. I'm having desk issues since I have limited space for it and my options so far suck. But this means... Etsy shop should be up and running again soon. YAY for extra income!


Ruth said...

I am glad the move went well. And you enjoyed time with the fam.
Walking the dog might help you lose some weight.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I always wonder how I can walk all over an amusement park for a few days & not lose a pound. I suspect the corndogs smothered in cheese are at fault. But I only eat them at amusement parks so I can't not treat myself.

Have you contacted your bank/credit card/paypal or however you paid about the hotel issue? We had something similar happen with Hotwire & our bank refunded us the money & then went after Hotwire themselves.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Of course you're going to go MIA when I finally start blogging again. We need to catch up. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED.

Unknown said...

Okay so I'm totally excited for this update. Disney complaints and dogs? Heck yes.

And I know this sounds cray-cray, but I shit you not. You need to start the keto diet. What is that? It's essentially Atkins, but not as crappy. You can't eat any processed foods really, so no bread, candy, soft drinks... basically anything bad for you. And you can't have more than 20g net carbs a day for the first two weeks (although I haven't been really sticking to that), then under 50-80g net carbs onward. But you can eat all the bacon you want (ummm, yes!?) and burgers/chicken/etc (animal fat/fat is actually really good for you). This week I'm having bacon & eggs for breakfast, homemade taco salad for lunch (sans any chips) and burgers for dinner (sans buns). If I crave chocolate/sweets, I have a handful of chocolate chips (which probably go over my carb allowance) but it satisfies me enough.

I've been doing it for two weeks and in those two weeks I lost 5.5lbs. Not a massive loss, but it's still better than what I was losing (also known as nothing). My clothes fit SO much better now though, so I'm pretty sure I'm losing inches. And I haven't been killing myself at workouts. Just like running twice a week (should be 3... but you know) and walking for like 45 minutes almost every other night.

Annnnddd end diet praising. It does suck some days, especially when I go out to eat. And I've screwed up and had french fries and fried chicken strips and stuff. But just look into it, it may work out for you!

Jandy xx said...

yay for your new house and new doggie!! can't wait to see pics!

Jen Mc said...

I can't wait to see all your pictures and hope your settling in continues!

Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Oh wow. LOL Sounds like it's been quite the adventure! Woot on the new pup! And the house!

And yes. Projectile cat vomit. Been there. Never wanna be there again. ::shudder::

Julie H said...

Congrats on your new place!! I wish I had your energy!

Kattrina said...

I miss you! Can't wait to hear all about the move and new house and everything in between!