Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Silence. It's the week I look forward to all year long.

Oh lambies, to say that it is quiet in my house is an absurd understatement. It is so glorious that it's times like this where I wonder why I thought I wanted to give up this silence and have kids. I can sleep in on my days off, I can break every rule in the house and not be judged, I can eat marshmallows for dinner, I can watch shows with adult language at any time of the day and I can pee alone.

Oh yes, this is the week both kids go to my in-laws. For the whole week. Seven days. I cannot stress this glorious fact enough.

The kids left on Sunday, but before they did we played in the yard because it was basically the perfect summer day. And we chatted with our neighbors who as it turns out are really friendly and amazing.

 Aw.. hamming it up with Twinky. Who you can't really see.
 There he is! He thought he was really badass because he barked at a squirrel and then ate a grasshopper. And immediately threw up.
 Seriously- how cute is this face. This is what he does to me every morning when he wakes up, followed with, "Mom. Mom. Mom. Can I have a gramola bar?" (Yes, he pronounces it with an m instead of an n) Every. Single. Morning.
 And then my gorgeous girl with a ton of accessories on. You can see the earrings, ring, and 5 bracelets. If I pass nothing else on, it will be a love of accessories.
 Right before they were leaving I told them to give dad a hug and kiss and this is what they got. Matt doesn't believe in a regular Wet Willy, he will lick the entire side of your face.
 Here is Jackson with his stuff for the week. You'll notice two bags and his doggy.
 Olivia has an over full back pack that wouldn't zip and her Caroline doll but also put some of her stuff in Jackson's second bag. Hoarders, I tell you. They have not yet inherited their mother's light packing ability.
Bye kids!

Oh but it's no real vacation. Usually Matt and I try to go somewhere or at least do a bunch of stuff we can't do (easily) (or cheaply) with kids. This week, not happening. There's more to that story later on, perhaps tomorrow. But what we are doing? LOTS and LOTS of projects. The kids' rooms are being painted and we're actually arranging their rooms how they were meant to be, hanging pictures up, etc. Olivia's is almost done and Jackson's needs a second coat of paint and then we have to paint the stripe in his room. I can't wait to show you what the before/afters are. Also? I have not one, not two, but THREE Pinterest projects I've finished. I'm kind of excited. So that's coming up too.

But Friday? Friday is definitely our lazy day. I'm off of work, Matt took the day off, and we're going to sleep in, maybe go to lunch together somewhere, run a few errands, and then relax. Saturday? Saturday I have the first 5K in oh, over a year. It's also a mud run/obstacle course. You may or may not hear from me after that, depending on how my visit to the medic tent goes.


Ruth said...

I honestly don't know how you get so much stuff done.

justme5686 said...

Hey lovie, Pinterest suggests that you use fabric softener and water on Caroline's hair. Fun fact? It works. Love you and your beautiful kiddies!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I have no kids and only two cats and I struggle with opening all my curtains in the morning. Send me your motivation!

Steff said...

So exciting! It's even better than them starting school because they will be gone at night, too!

I don't have kids, but there is two weeks before I start school at the end of August where I will have NOTHING going on. I won't have work during those two week (except maybe a shift or two) so I'll be able to do everything i haven't been able to do while in school and working! I can't wait for it.

Jennifer Kay said...

So jelly.

Dude my big fat ass is running the same mud run the end of August, I'm expecting death of course...totally post your near death experience soon so I know what I'm up against.

Tamara said...

We also get one week out of the year when the kid and all her cousins (7 in total!) stay with their grandparents. They call it Boot Camp because it's on a farm and they don't allow any technology, the kids all love it!

And us adults all love it too because uh, sleeping in.

Can't wait to see all your pinterest projects!

Julie H said...

I need to do some painting and decorating but I'm still recovering from the last pant job about 2 years ago. Blech I hate it! I used to think it was fun.