Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kid bedroom makeovers.

Seriously, I've said it before but it's worth saying again- moving into a new space has gotten me back into a crafty groove again. Which, I don't know if that is good or bad considering my fun money budget has gone to you know- ZERO thanks to Matt's stupid new truck, but regardless, I'm on it.

Remember the week when the kids were gone to my inlaws for the week? And how we weren't sitting around doing absolutely nothing because I have a problem with doing nothing? So instead of relaxing I whipped Matt into helping me re-do not one, but both kids rooms? Yeah, he was super not excited but who cares!

This is Olivia's room before

With a shit ton of purple paint and other craftiness, here is here after
 I ended up turning her bed so she had more floor space. And taking the hope chest that was mine to the basement. I have plans for the ol' basement. But we painted her walls purple (she picked it out), I got those two crates at Michaels, painted them teal to put her books on which eliminates the bookshelf... also in the basement.
 I also got her the leopard print butterfly chair at Michaels for 70% off, and then gave her my laptop desk that I no longer need.
Oh yes, and got Matt to diligently put her Polly Pocket wall stuff back on. 

And then Jackson's room before.  
Jackson was far more particular about his room. He wanted blue walls, but an orange stripe. He picked out his colors and said he wanted it to be all sports. So.. I did the best I could.
 And I even found sports wall stickers on clearance so that worked out. Otherwise his walls looked kind of plain and I was not about to spend $15 on a freaking poster. Good grief.
 I put Olivia's desk into his room since she got my laptop table. It's an old school desk that has the flip up lid. I was going to paint it, but I ran out of time and decided it's fine the way it is.
 He did request I do something crafty for his room and I was originally going to spell his name out. But then decided at $1.99 per big wooden letter... we are just going to go with a J. So I mod podge'd it with some paper that has the same colors in his room.

Another thing I did was replace these things I had made for them years ago- like when Jackson was in toddler class. It was on construction paper and they both loved them, but they were basically falling apart. So I decided to use some random IKEA frames I found while moving.
 And using WORD, I just made something kind of similar. It's a questionnaire about the child and then your answers reflect how you feel about them, hopes/dreams, their favorite things right now, etc.
Of course, I failed to get a finished picture of it. But I just typed out my answers and put a picture of me with them on the bottom and framed it. Easy peasy. They both have it on their side tables and were thrilled I was able to do that for them since they were both bummed their originals were falling apart. 

So that's it. It took us an entire week to do these rooms from start to finish. And of course, the week they are gone is always the week in which things disappear- so I purged a lot, sorted through clothes that don't fit them anymore and organized everything since it hadn't been done since we've moved. Overall? I think they came out really well. 

Maybe next week I'll show you my front porch and how I actually finished a Pinterest project and it turned out how it was meant to. 

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Steff said...

I love it! Paint and curtains can make such a difference in a room!

Steff said...

I love it! Paint and curtains can make such a difference in a room!

Ruth said...

Good job.