Thursday, August 1, 2013

Stress Puke.

People have kindly been emailing me positive things about being depressed and would like an update. Well, I'll give you an update.

Way, way back last fall Matt and I discussed trading in a vehicle and upgrading. I specifically asked him to take both vehicles in to have evaluated to see which one was worth less, and that would be the one we'd get rid of and that person would get a new vehicle. He says he does this and that it's the van that needs to go. Which seemed odd since my van was a 2007 and his Jeep is a 2000, but what do I know? Next to nothing about cars. He says his Jeep is still in great shape and he only uses it to go to work and back, but my car is the primary family vehicle so we should upgrade that.

So okey dokey. We research and we bought a brand new, 2013 Ford Escape. Which I still really love.

Fast forward THREE FUCKING DAYS after purchasing said brand new vehicle with a five year loan, Matt informs me that the entire bottom of his Jeep is oh you know... rusted out. We're talking he's a little more rust from becoming a legitimate Flintstone mobile. Appropriately enough, I lose my shit and swear at him. Because if he had the vehicles evaluated like he said he did , and it turns out he did not do, this would have been discovered.

But no.

So at the time, I told him find out how much it would cost to fix. He says he went to a place (are we seeing a pattern?) and they told him around $500. Which sucks, but it's do-able. But he decides to wait until spring to do this because it's just easier. Ok, fine.

Well here we are. Spring flew by and was full of selling and buying a house, and then we went on our trip. But now that things are settled I told him to go down and get hard quotes and we'll get it fixed. He comes to me last Wednesday to say it's now a minimum of $2,000, but probably closer to $3,000.

Again, I lose my shit and it turns out he didn't really go to a guy before.

Because of course not.

So I tell him we cannot afford that. Not at all. On Thursday, he asks me if he can just buy a new truck. I say, no- not at all. We cannot afford another vehicle payment AT ALL and right now we have no money in the budget for savings and that is not good. So until things get paid off, there is a cap on spending. NO SPENDING.

He reluctantly agrees.

On Friday, I get the following text, "Bought a truck. $4850. Go sign papers."

Commence losing shit in front of the kids, cats, and dog.

Obviously, I call him  up with colorful language and he flat out tells me his Jeep is not worth fixing, he needs a vehicle so he took care of it.

*Manic laughter*

He took care of it. SONOFABITCH.

So I get to the dealer where I sign papers and am asked if I had the check. Because of COURSE, Matt has not arranged any of this with financing, hasn't called the bank, hasn't called insurance, nothing. So I say, "No. I don't have a check. I won't ever have a check because as far as I'm concerned- this is his mess. You can deal with him."

I then get a call from the bank who informs me that Matt has secured a loan but wants to make sure I am aware that the interest rate is high because A) it's an old truck and B) our credit sucks because we have just bought a house and had our credit pulled multiple times for that.


When he gets home, to say shit hit the fan is a gross understatement. Matt's stance is that since my student loan ($120/month) is paid off as of August, we can afford this. To which I say no, we can't. Because that $120/month needs to go into our savings so we can buy a new roof next summer, and we also have 19 windows and one door to replace. Not to mention we have a much larger property tax bill coming in December AND I still need school supplies, Olivia's dance registration and uniform, and then Christmas. And their swimming lessons.

All of this left his jaw basically on the floor because despite going over the bills with him biweekly, it seems he doesn't actually pay attention. Which is just fabulous.

So our new payment? An extra $130/month I do not have. My level of anger can't even be measured at this point. The best part is that the truck? Has rust all along the bottom on both sides. And needs ball joints and something else.

Seriously. It's like one thing after the other. I had to flat out told him that I am thisclose to having a nervous breakdown and all he says is, "Maybe you can take a day off?". No. I cannot because we obviously need the money now. I told him that he can now kiss his weekends goodbye because he gets to work every single one of them until this stupid thing is paid off in 42 months. Yes, you read that right- 42 months. I don't think I need to tell you how badly he got ripped off here when you factor in interest for again, 42 months.

The last three days has basically led to what I'm calling stress puke. I'm puking because I'm pretty sure the stress of this has sent me over the edge. He always dumps it all on me and figures I'll just work it out and it'll be fine.

Welcome to my life. *sigh*


SpiritPhoenix said...

Oh man! I wish I could reach out through the interwebs and give you a big hug!

Brenda said...

Ooooh man.I would be so mad I think my head would have actually exploded.

Martha Hokenson said...

I'm pretty sure I would have skipped the dealership and gone straight to a divorce lawyer!! Sending you a virtual hug and shot of whiskey, it sounds like you need both.

Julie H said...

My husband never does anything on his own. Thank God.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Oh. Shit.

He better be sleeping on that big porch of yours.

Steff said...

Oh my goooodnessss! I want to stress puke for you! I would so lose my shit. And then lose it again. This is something I could definitely see my husband doing, so I make sure he doesn't really have any bank info haha But I guess he could always get a loan on his own!

I love that you left without giving them a check, though!

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

No fucking way. Beyond the lying he has no respect for your stress level or your knowledge about the finances and I hate that for you. Wow. Just wow. I'm sorry.

Ruth said...

Holy crap! I really don't even know what to say. Except maybe he's an idiot. More than once I have had to go over why we don't have money for this or that. But, the truck buying is just... I don't even know.