Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesdays with Jackson.

I know I've already posted today but I had some really hilarious conversations with Jackson this evening. The really cool thing about boys is that they are so totally different from girls. I mean, Olivia and Jackson are in no way similar personality wise. I mean, they are both funny- but in different ways. Jackson cracks himself up and you can't help but want to squeeze his guts.

Conversation 1: (waiting for Olivia to get out of shower, so he can get in)

J: Mom, what is this? (points to his testicles)
M: Um, that's part of  your pee pee. Don't touch it.
J: What's it for? Why is it puffy? I like touching it.
M: Um, it holds pee. I don't know why it's puffy, stop touching it.
J: I will pee in the shower like every day. I'll just touch it in my room. Dad says I can't do it in the living room anymore and I have to do it in privace. (which is how he says "private").
M: Yup- that's a good plan buddy. But you should pee in the toilet because it's gross to pee in the shower little guy.
J: Oh mom. I pee in spots all over and you never know. HAHAHAHHAHA. Just joking. Maybe. HAHAHAHAHA.
M: Oh Jackson, don't pee anywhere except the toilet.
J: Wait- where is sister's pee balls? Maybe that's why she has accidents- her balls are too small.

This sent Olivia crying to her room and I had to tell her she is a girl and girls don't have pee balls and she's just fine without pee balls. *sigh*
Conversation 2: (during dinner)

J: Mom, I'm going to be a beauty queen when I grows up.
M: *cough on spaghetti* Um, why a beauty queen? I thought you were going to be Batman?
J: Batman only has one pair of shoes. If I was a beauty queen, I could wear loafers every day. And a tie.

Conversation 3: (while in the grocery store)

J: Hey mom- member that time when you made me eat lettuce and I puked it on you? HAHAHAHAHA. That was so funny.
M: Jackson, let's not talk about puke while other people are shopping around us, OK?
J: Mom, I don't like lettuce. Let's not get lettuce. I serious, mom. I don't like lettuce.

Never mind I have no recollection of him throwing up on me, or throwing up lettuce. But he was dead serious about this.


This kid continually cracks me up. He says something absolutely hysterically funny every single day. It's these conversations that every parent gets and you're never really sure how you'll react at the moment but all you can do is laugh. He also reminds me so much of my brother and so while I love my brother dearly good lord I'm terrified. Mostly because there was that time Travis almost set the gully on fire, or the time he got stuck in the little kid rides at the mall as a very tall 16 year old kid, or how he loses everything and remembers nothing. I am going to have my hands full- I can already tell.


SpiritPhoenix said...

Jackson sounds like a great kid. So does Olivia. But man, he is going to be a handful.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I did the snort laugh through each line of this post. Kid is hilarious! Pee balls. Heh.

Danielle said...

Yeah so I pretty much died when I read this! That's hilarious! So funny what little boys come out with, especially during bath time! :)

Sara said...

So, um, Jackson is to never meet James. We'd be in big trouble!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE these conversations. :D

Jen Mc said...

Holy crap! Those are HILARIOUS!!!
Pee balls and beauty queen - love it.