Sunday, September 22, 2013

Almost Up, but back it anyways.

Well this weekend had the promise to be far more productive than it turned out to be. With the kids both having colds, and Jackson's bad enough to stay home from school on Friday, I should have known. I should have absolutely known that I would get sick.

And I did. Yesterday was a doozy, and today isn't much better. Here's hoping tomorrow I hit some miraculous recovery because tomorrow I work early in the morning and my entire week is balls to wall busy. Like obscenely busy. As usual.

But we did do some fun stuff and I got some Etsy stuff done.

First up, we went to the hot air balloon festival in Duluth. It was the first one in like a 100 years I think? I've wanted to go to this since I heard about it earlier this spring because I love hot air balloons, but I have never been near one, and I really wanted to ride in one. But of course, due to demand there weren't really going to be rides. Well, if you donated to the festival (it was free to get in), you got put into a lottery for tethered rides. Which I don't know if they even did because Friday the balloons didn't get inflated due to wind. I heard today they didn't go up either. They went up for awhile on Saturday, but we only saw two. Unless you count the ones we saw as we were leaving. Which, is really bullshit.


Because with a working PA system, they could and should have been announcing that balloons were going up. We stood there for an hour looking at the two balloons and it's kind of boring to just stare at a balloon. It mostly consisted of mediocre bands, a bunch of drunk people laying in the lawn, and over priced food. But I got to see balloons up close, so I'm still counting it a win. I was really disappointed to see that other balloons were inflated aw we're in our car. Like, why wouldn't you announce that kind of thing? Like hey, "In 10 minutes, another balloon will be inflated!" or something. Nope, none of that. I would have liked to have seen a balloon go up like that.

 Jackson looks super enthused, doesn't he?
Olivia was actually pretty excited to come. And is it just me, or does Jackson look like a big kid here? Ugh. Not ready for that.
I don't know if anyone else noticed, but this balloon actually had a tear in it. I don't think you can go up in a balloon with a tear, but maybe I'm wrong?
This balloon was really very tippy. It seemed to wobble a lot more than the other one.
 Olivia and I being cute.
 Jackson actually looking at the camera!
 Matt even came and didn't totally hate it.
On our way out, we stopped to watch the helicopters land and take off for rides. If I had more money I would have paid for the kids to go up. Matt and I went on one as part of my 30/30 list when we were in Vegas and that was a ton of fun, so maybe one day I'll get the kids up in one. Jackson totally loved watching them go up and down.
 So yup- more balloons went up as we were leaving. Jerks.
 Someday I'll go to a big balloon festival where they all lift off the ground. That would be really cool.
Oh yes. And then on our way home, we're driving over the bridge and we see this. Now, it looks like a skydiver, which would be monumentally dumb because the lake is unpredictable with the winds, and there wasn't much for landing space around the water. But as we got closer, it had like a motor on it? Like a propelled parachute? I don't know. Either way, that looked risky and borderline dumb. I've gone skydiving and knowing how the wind can just pull you one way or the other, no way would I do it near the lake.

So then when we came home, I got a few cards done for my Etsy shop. I haven't done much with that in awhile mostly because I haven't had time. Then we were moving so all of my stuff was packed up. But now that I'm unpacked, I thought I'd go through my scrap bin and see what I could come up with.

Cupcake Duo 2
Cupcake Duo set

Cupcake Duo 1
Another Cupcake Duo

Bright Flower Duo
These super pretty and bright flower cards

Set of 5 Felty Flower Cards
Felty Flower set

So.. I got a few things done. I have some ideas for other stuff but I just need time. And adhesive. I'm perpetually out of adhesive it seems. I might even work on some ornaments to get them in my shop by Christmas. Which feels wrong, but if I can make a little extra money then I'll suck it up!

But if you use the coupon code "SARASBLOG", you'll get 10% off your order in my shop,


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Hot air balloons are neat to look at but I'd be terrified to go up in one!

Kattrina said...

Hope you're feeling better! I've never seen a hot air balloon up close or in the sky, but they look beautiful in your pictures. You should put NM on your bucket list - don't they have a huge hot air balloon festival?

Are you making Christmas cards soon? I need to start early this year!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

They do a balloon ascent twice a year at the local airport. The guys have gone to it a couple times but I prefer to sleep in.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh gosh, I'm so scared of heights! I wouldn't be able to go in a hot air balloon. ahha

Ruth said...

One town near us has a hot air balloon place where you can buy rides. Once in a while we see one come in our direction. Indianola has big festivals. It lasts a week and tons go up every day and when the wind blows right we can see them here. They have a balloon field that is just huge.
Hope you are feeling better.
Good job on the cards.