Monday, September 9, 2013

Let the insanity begin!

Every year when school starts I feel anxious and nervous. I feel excited and sad. Coincidentally, every year I am going through PMS during the first week of school and quite frankly, I don't know how the universe does it but every year she makes me her bitch. Maybe just to remind me of who is really in charge up in here.

And apparently, it's my uterus. Now you all know.

But yes- last week marked the first days of school. Which were easy because they don't really do anything those first days on the short week, do they? No. So this is the week where I feel like if I can just come up with a system right off at the beginning, I can beat it this year. I can beat the chaos, the trying to be on top of snacks and forms and class participation projects and so on.

You all know what I'm talking about.

So, I've got myself a system. I really hope to keep it together all year so at no point in the year will I feel like I'm being dragged ass first through bushes and wondering if I paid for the newest activity, did I turn that permission slip in, did we read enough the night before and sweet jesus did I sign the homework page??

But you want to see pictures and here they are.
 I think Jackson was more excited about being able to get his picture taken with a back pack this year.
 And Olivia really liked going to school knowing she'd be getting a locker now that she is in second grade.
 Miss Olivia all dolled up.
 Mr. Jackson even let me spike his hair.

I was worried about Jackson starting kindergarten because it is really important to me that he like school as much as Olivia. I really have pumped up school and talked about how great school was since they were very little because I don't want them hating to get up in the morning to go. I really want them to embrace learning and the school culture. But then I found out he was going to be having the same teacher as he did in 4K and she was just really fantastic and he adored her, so we started school knowing he'd have a great year.

Olivia was a bit more apprehensive but she is every fall so now I'm learning not to worry so much. Here's hoping we have no bathroom accidents though. But she is taking school very seriously and every night she is meticulous in going through her folder, reading, doing homework, etc. It's really great that she is so conscientious about learning as much as she can and just going her assignments as she's told. She is very much a mini me in that regard.

Then after I picked them up on their first day, I saw Jackson first and he immediately declares that it was the very best day EVER. Even Olivia said she had a great day and enjoyed organizing her supplies. Which, not going to lie, I squealed. Mostly because I love supplies and I always loved organizing them too. Now... if she would only get that excited while cleaning her room...


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

LORD ALMIGHTY. How did they get so big? Olivia looks like a mini lady and Jackson is so grown up!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I always hope that this is the year I will stay on top of things but it never happens. Case in point, my kids came home on the second day of school with letters from the cafeteria about the outstanding balances they had from last year (its a prepay system but you have to send in cash as they are not online) and I still have yet to send any money in with them 3 weeks later.
While I am glad they let them run an outstanding balance I am concerned that they are learning poor debt payment habits from me. After all that old balance is now more than 90days past due.

Tamara said...

Yay for first day of school!

I loved school growing up but my husband hated it. We both agree though that we want Lillie to get the most out of it, so even though she's not even 3 yet we talk about it trying to pump it up for her.

I also have really high hopes of making her a reader. Her book collection so far is starting to rival mine - which means I'm succeeding in making her a reader OR I need to invest in more books...

Julie H said...

If only it all stayed that fun lol. Enjoy these years because they all won't be that great ;)