Friday, September 20, 2013

That? Oh just the sound of getting kicked by this week.


That pretty much sums up this entire week. I'm not self absorbed enough to think I'm the only one who gets overwhelmed by life, but I'm sitting here thinking of what I can do so this doesn't happen every single week. *sigh*

Well both kids are sick. Olivia was worse earlier this week, and Jackson is very sick right now. He's perked up a bit this afternoon after laying around all day but I tell you- sick kids is the worst. Olivia also has been waking up every day with a headache. If she doesn't wake up with one, she develops one over the course of the day. I have a history of chronic migraines, and my mom does as well, so I honestly didn't think much of it. But now that I realize that oh hey- this has been months, I mentioned it to her doctor during her well check today. She said everything looks normal, she's developing normal, and her pressure points aren't swollen, her eyes look awesome, so that rules out basic stuff. Our next options is a blood test for imbalance of stuff and/or a pediatric neurologist.

Guess who cannot afford a specialist?

This chick.

Also, she said Jackson's cough sounds like we're bordering on bronchitis and while his lungs don't sound full of fluid and crud, they aren't totally clear. So YAY for me. Should be a fabulous weekend.

Then Matt's paycheck? Oh, only $350 less than expected, less than needed. Fabulous. I get paid next Friday and every dime will go to a bill and/or upcoming expense I need to take care of. I told Matt that no kidding, once we get through Christmas, if we can just finish out this year penny pinching and being frugal, we're going to get hard core. We have some major things we need to get done next summer (new roof and new windows) so we won't have a choice.

The other bummer here is that the plan was to buy at least one new toilet this payday. Not going to happen. We also can't buy the stuff to replace the wiring and exterior lights for our back door/garage area. There is a short because the wires are ridiculously old so we decided that we're going to replace those so they aren't hazardous anymore as well as putting light fixtures that don't have odd sized light bulbs that are hard to find and, as it turns out, expensive to replace. BUT, that's all gone to the wayside so now I still can't see when I go out my back door. Normally not the end of the world, except I am fairly certain there is a large animal living under the house next door and I'd like to not get mauled hauling out the garbage.

I also did manage to get myself to Zumba both times this week. Tuesday was the first time in three months (the instructor takes the summer off) so I was grossly unprepared for the pain. Oh, the pain. It only highlighted that my thighs and core need lots of work. Wednesday I was sore, but it wasn't as bad as I thought I would be. That came Thursday. Oh lawd. Then on Thursday was the second class so I went because I'm going to try to keep this up. But holy hell. I am so out of shape. I don't go again until next Tuesday so the plan is to get myself out for some walks this weekend.

I have been extra organized with the PTO stuff so far this year so that's awesome. Ditto on my book reviews. I've gotten a bunch done, so hopefully this weekend I can get them all typed up. There is a hot air balloon festival over in Duluth this weekend and I really, really, really want to go. If the kids are sick I can't drag them to the lake to freeze their asses off to look at balloons. Hopefully I can convince Matt to take me and we'll call it a date.

BUT we can't do anything because we're broke. So that means no mini donuts and that's life's way of giving me the ol' bitch slap of reality. You know things are bad when you're too poor for mini donuts OR a Powerball ticket.


Brenda said...

Shit in a can, man. Your week sucked rotten eggs. When my kids were small, I'd literally cringe when I noticed one of them getting sick. Soon they would both be sick and...yeah, I don't have to explain that horror to you.

So, you guys are broke as crap too, huh? I'm so sick of sitting down and trying to figure what bills get paid and what ones will have to wait. Also, hate trying to grocery shop for the week, using my calculator so I don't go over and then look like a moron at the checkout counter when my bankcard says insufficient funds.

I'm already looking forward to a new year. Although, who's to say a new year will be any different--better--than this one?

Ruth said...

Does Wisconsin have an insurance program for kids? Iowa has Hawk-I and it will pay for specialists. If you make too much for medicaid, but is lower cost or free insurance if your income is at a certain level.
Right now I don't even have insurance. Honeyman got a new job and pay is a lot less so we couldn't afford insurance right away.
I hope Olivia is OK. Jackson too.