Monday, November 11, 2013

Wrinkles and Puffy oh my!


If you know me at all, you now I'm not a vain person. I am how I am and I'm fine with that. Really, I am. I'm not the prettiest girl on the block and that's OK. I'm also not the skinniest either, and that's OK too. And as I age, I am not that person to freak out over the number because honestly, I feel like I'm aging well. Most of the time when students come into my work and realize that I'm not a work study and that I am indeed, 31 years old, nobody believes me. And this is a good thing- I'll hold onto my youth while I still can.

But it has come to my attention that *hold the fucking cart* the youth pony is running away. Like rather quickly. Seriously. I got up on Friday morning and it came to my attention that my face? Is like puffy. Now, I have been rather exhausted and that may be. But the wrinkles? I'm getting wrinkles in the corners of my eye and my forehead. I'm getting bags under my eyes. What the hell is going on? I wash my face day/night, I put night cream on (really expensive anti-aging shit which is clearly not working), toner and moisturizer in the morning. The point to this is that I used to be that girl who could just go makeup free and look really great.
See? Do you see this face? This is pre-makeup. No makeup days are clearly gone. This is me when I wake up. Ignore my eyebrows, I promise I'm going to get them done next payday. Things are tight and extra things like hair cuts and eyebrows are the first discretionary thing to go but we're bordering crisis level at this point.


Then I put my makeup on and you see how my face looks like I've lost weight?
Of course you do. And these are phone pictures so they aren't awesome quality but the point here is that I'm aging. I'm trying to not freak out about it because I don't want to be that girl because I hate those girls. But dammit. What do I need? Do I need the $20 a jar cream? I do, don't I?  Damn. I mean, clearly I don't look like I'm old. But man alive, I don't tan, I put sunscreen on my face to prevent sunburn, I do everything I am supposed to so that my face does not look like Tan Mom what with the sagging and stuff and still. Even still age just creeps up on you. The best part is that I went to Ulta a week ago just to see what I should get and the 20something girl told me I need makeup for a more matured face.

Bitch, I'll mature face you.

I left buying another tube of lip gloss I don't need because I can never remember to put lip anything on and then had a candy bar because if I'm going to age now, I may as well freaking enjoy it. Nom nom nom.


Veronica M. D. said...

My most disliked "mature" problems are the fact that my face is now the first place I gain weight and my boobs are the first place I lose weight. Do you know what adding a pound to a face looks like? IT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD. And my big boobs were balancing out my belly pooch. NOW WHAT? The most embarrassing might be that even though I ALWAYS put sunscreen on my face, I ignored my chest, and my decolletage is all wrinkles. Big deep wrinkles. If I show my chest, I look at least fifty, if I hide it, I look forty. BUT I'M ONLY THIRTY. Thanks for providing this platform. ;)

justme5686 said...

You're still gorgeous! Work it, girl!

middle child said...

Aging is better than the alternative.
Having said that-with all the "flaws" I have-I am bothered by one of the same things as commenter Veronica above has. Those krinkly wrinkles that are trying their best to take over my d├ęcolletage. So what do your think? Vasoline or spackle?

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

sleep on your back rather than your side. dumb advice but it honestly works. face wrinkles, especially around the eye seem to be exacerbated by laying on your side. case in point - I have very noticeable wrinkles on the side of right eye and hardly any at all on my left. And I sleep on my right side.

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