Monday, December 23, 2013

Winners & Thunder Thighs

Let's get some winners out of the way, shall we?

The winner of the digital copy of Haven is...... STEFF!

The winner of the book The Seduction of Miriam Cross is.... Anita Yancey!

I'll contact both of you to get your prizes out to you very soon!


I have been baking up a storm and getting appetizer type things ready for Christmas. In lieu of a big dinner we have opted to just do an appetizer and dessert buffet. It's so much less stress and I don't know why we haven't done this sooner. Because it's hosted at my house, I feel like it's only fair I do the bulk of the food so in prep of this, I've been a cooking making machine the last two days.

It probably only should have taken one day but the fact that I ate the first two batches of both the Rolo Cookies and the Brown Butter Snickerdoodles, I'm making more. God help me, I hope I can control myself until Wednesday. But those cookies are changing my life. I need to slow my roll because pretty soon I'll be rolling myself instead of walking.

Other than that, I'm all ready for Christmas. Presents are wrapped and organized, safely hidden in a closet. I have a few gift bags that need to be delivered to friends locally, which I'll probably send Matt out to do tonight yet. The basket of stuff going to Matt's parents house tomorrow is all set aside. I've even got invitations for a baby shower I'm throwing in process. I need to get the house cleaned up tonight since I won't have time to do it tomorrow, and then I'm going to bed. Well, I'm going to physically be in my bed, but I'll be reading a book and relaxing. If I didn't think I'd drop my Nook in the tub I'd take a bath while I was at it to multi-task while relaxing.

Oh- but I am waiting for the UPS guy to get here. I had to order some Ninja Turtles to go with a Ninja Turtle van my brother got Jackson. Which is going to be fun, but he had no turtles and what kind of loser gift is THAT? So I ordered it yesterday from Walmart and they said it would be delivered by 3pm today. Well, it's 5:42 and do you think it's shown up? Nope. Not yet. Here's hoping it actually arrives at some point tonight otherwise this mama won't sleep.

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Ruth said...

Good call on not reading your Nook in the tub.
A cousin of mine posted on Facebook that she was doing that and I thought she was stupid. Things can happen.
I'm going to check out those rolo cookies.
Meals of appetizers is nice.
Have a merry Christmas!