Monday, January 6, 2014

All I want is $5.

Do you remember awhile back I reviewed a book called Cancer Time Bomb? If you didn't, you can click and read that review HERE. It's a really great book about this really hysterical woman who in her pursuit to not get cancer that she was destined to get, she chose to have a major life altering surgery which would remove her breasts as well as kill the chance of having any more children.

If you have breast cancer in your family, you want to learn more about breast cancer and this type of surgery, or learn more about the BRCA genetic mutation- you need this book in your life. It's funny and entertaining, but it's also sobering. Because this is a real woman, one among us. Sure- you have your Angelina Jolie's of the world, but Angelina is a home wrecking asshole and nobody wants her as a person to look up to. She has all the money in the world so she could just get tested and no big deal.

People like you and me? We do not have that luxury.

Angelina can just get whatever surgery she needs, whenever she wants it to give her a better quality of life because she's mega rich.

People like Joelle do not have that luxury. Because she is a real person, with a family, with family responsibilities. She also can't work because oh yay, now she has a bum foot and she is in chronic pain. Any one of us would just schedule a surgery and hope your insurance covers most of it. In Joelle's case- she is so far in debt from having SIX surgeries in FOUR years, that this is not possible. She is trying to raise money on her own so she can live relatively pain free.

And here is my plea:

There are hundreds of fundraisers happening for people every weekend for people who made poor life choices that leave them in financial ruin. You were underage drinking and have terrible friends so now your family is fundraising for your hospital bills and amputations since you almost died from the cold? I'm sorry- I'm not donating to that. Sure, it's sad and certainly terrible a poor girl is having to deal with this, but consequences for actions and all of that. In the case of people like Joelle- she can't help it she has bum genetics. I mean, damn. That could be any one of us.

So I'm asking you all for $5. Seriously. If you can do more, that's kind of awesome, but $5 is something you likely wouldn't even miss. And $5 could mean the world to her.

If you think about her kids, and what she's missing out on because she is in constant pain and not as mobile as she could be, that's kind of awful. A lot of you are mothers and so I know you relate to this.

Go to her fund page HERE and donate what you can. You can read more about her story, see an after surgery video, and if you read that and watch that and don't donate? You are a cold person. You can also go to her page HERE and buy books, read more about her story and learn a LOT about the type of surgery she had. She is really raw and honest and even if you aren't worried about breast cancer- her story is fascinating. It really is. Especially when you think of how many women are faced with this kind of decision each and every day, we can all learn something from it.

And my last request (for today). Share this on your Twitter, Facebook, whatever. Spread the word. Even if someone can't donate, maybe they are in the same situation as Joelle and this book would be helpful for them. Really, every little bit helps.

Thanks, lambs.

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