Friday, January 24, 2014

Almost mid way 30 Day Shred Update

Ok, lambs. This post is going to be progress and a picture that will likely gross most of you out. It may also make some of my male fans leave, but hey- I've had a couple of babies. The truth hurts.

So update.

I just finished day 14 of the 30 Day Shred. I started with level one and did that for nine days, and then I switched to level two on day ten because I felt like level one was getting too easy for me. Level two is absolutely no joke and it really is difficult. Everything about it is difficult, but I grossly underestimated the difficulty in plank twists. And walk out push ups. And basically everything about it. It's really difficult. I am really out of shape.

I hate to say it because I sound like such a Pinterest motivational hypocrite, but at this point? I'm kind of looking forward to it every night. Not because I enjoy physical pain and Jillian's grating voice, but because I feel pain in weird parts of my body. Every morning I wake up and I hurt. A lot. It hurts to go down the stairs. And while that in itself is not enjoyable, it at least feels like my near death experience on my living room floor every night is maybe going to be worth it.

Which is the big question I get- am I seeing progress? Everyone wants to know if I'm losing weight.

Short answer? No. Pounds are not flying off of my body. But I also didn't expect them too. I have a lot of friends who worked out like fiends and while they initially lost fat weight, they ended up gaining muscle weight. So, 182 on one body is different than 182 on another body. I've long given up on checking my scale for progress. I'm at least savvy enough to judge my progress based on what I see, how I feel, and how things fit. So here's our update:

Day one- remember this? Where I looked three months pregnant, but I'm not pregnant? Other things that I had on day one was back fat near my bra (gross), super flappy arms that would make me look like I'm related to a flying squirrel, super jiggly thunder thighs, and then of course, fat pockets on the side of my ass. Basically the beginnings of secretary ass. *shudder*
Day 14- My calves? Hard as rocks. Thighs? Noticeably less jiggly, I can feel those muscles coming back. Arms? No longer flying squirrel like. Stomach? Obviously it's noticeably smaller. I still have a stomach, a big one, but it's not nearly as baby like. But back fat and ass fat pockets? GONE. Those bitches are GONE in 14 days. So, clearly? Progress is being made.
Someone also messaged me and was like, "You just shut your mouth- your stomach is not huge, I think you are faking that." Um, no. No bitch, I'm not. BOOM. Ugh. It's so icky. BUT, you see that line on the side? That line was not there 14 days ago, so I'd like to think all of this ab work is doing something for me. But the issue with my stomach has always been what I call my kangaroo pouch. It's like, literally, a pouch underneath my belly button. I have had that pouch since I was 12 years old and I was not ever a fat kid. I didn't get chunky like until the year after high school when I no longer worried about girls judging me on my lunch choices. And no matter how much exercise I do, that pouch is still there. I hate it. I've even consulted personal trainers who aren't really confident in getting it down and my doctor told me it literally, is something I'm stuck with unless I want to have surgery.

But surgery like that freaks me out and I don't have a couple thousand dollars laying around, and so... no bikinis for me. I'm just hoping that once summer comes and I really start the whole running thing again, the pouch can just get a little less pouchy.

So that's my progress update. I'm trying really hard. I'm more proud of myself that I haven't given up. I've exercised every single day, no skipping. Not even a little bit. I've done it through my period (totally brutal), migraines (not awesome) and absolute exhaustion. I'll keep plugging along. I have another DVD lined up for when I finish this 30 day schedule, so I'll keep going.


Julie H said...

WTG!! I think making yourself do it every day makes it more of a push to stick to it.

Jen Mc said...

Way to go, Sara! Keep it up.

Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Woot! Go Sara!! That's awesome :)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I've had a pouch since I was about 12 or so too. I remember doing sit ups in my bedroom at 13 hoping to make it flat. Yeah. Never happened. What I get all the time is "Oh it's carbs, just stop eating carbs & it will flatten right now". Except no it won't. It might go down some but even hard core Atkins for 12 weeks did not make it go away. Tummy tuck or live with it, so I'm living with it. *sigh*

Steff said...

Hell ya! i love it when you get to the 'I hate it but I love it' phase! it makes it that much easier to want to continue. You're looking great!

Kattrina said...

I think that's awesome that you are sticking to it! I have never been able to work out every day - I can't even seem to get through one workout DVD and usually shut it off after about ten minutes. Keep it up!

SpiritPhoenix said...

You've inspired me to do this too. I've purchased the dvd and should get it Thursday afternoon. At which point, the Hubs and I (or just myself) will get our fat asses off the couch and start to shred!

HSS68 said...

You talk of guys leaving after seeing these pics. I am a guy and I find your figure very nice. I see so many women out there who are almost sickly skinny and think they are pretty. I like a lady who has something so nice to hold onto who I would not be afraid of breaking. Do not get me wrong I am very happily married but I do appreciate a wonderful figure. Again do not get me wrong I think everyone should do what they can to be the best they can be for themselves as well as be as healthy as they can also and if this leads them to that skinny figure that is fine but some people are preordained to be bigger and believe me many guys are very happy with a fuller figure.